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Difference between health promotion and preventative services

Health promotion: activities that assist a person in developing resources that maintain or enhance well being.

Prevention: Blood pressure check or immunizations


Most significant factor in determining health and longevity

Good nutrition


What is most important principle for nurse to utilize when teaching a patient?

Determining patient’s readiness to learn


Difference between clarifying and focusing in communication

Clarifying: asking sender to restate, explain further or give an example

Focusing: “let’s look more closely at...”


Adult education works best when:

Given information that can be used immediately.

And they are more motivated when their accomplishments are recognized.


A good question to ask to assess readiness to learn:

What information do you think you need right now?


What’s the first step in working with a client with spiritual distress?

What’s the first step to becoming a competent provider for patients with spiritual concerns?

1-Establishing a trusting nurse-client relationship.

2-Have a healthy spiritual self awareness.


What is Jourard’s spiritual titer and how is it measured?

Method to measure spirituality that goes from spiritual distress on the low-end and enhanced spirituality on the high end.


A practicing Muslim faces which direction when praying?

Sacred practice at five daily prayers performed well facing east. The patient may request a bed that faces east.


Which patients would be helped by therapeutic touch?

Which would not be helped or maybe even harmed by therapeutic touch?

Helped: headaches

May be harmed: premature infants and pregnant women are sensitive to energy repatterning. Abuse victims or psychiatric patients may feel threatened.


The following Herbal supplements are used for what?

St. John’s wort
Ginkgo biloba

Ginseng- physical endurance, balancing the body, resist stress

Echinacea-immune, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, URI, allergic rhinitis, wound healing

Chamomile- anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti infective, gi and respiratory inflammation, gi spasms

St johns wort-depression, viral infection, wound healing

Ginkgo biloba- memory, eye and heart disease, circulation, varicose veins, anxiety


Benefits of relaxation

Decreased: heart rate, resp rate, BP, oxygen consumption

Increased: alpha brain activity, peripherals skin temperature, receptivity (ability to tolerate certain experience)


What is a macrobiotic diet?

Primarily vegan, but includes fish.

Whole grains, vegetables and unprocessed foods.


Chaparral herb is used for what?
Possible Side effects?

Used for anti cancer.

May produce severe liver toxicity.


Which age group are complementary techniques most helpful in pain/ discomfort?



What is the primary reason nurses don’t use complementary therapies?

Lack of education regarding their appropriate uses.


What medications do ginger react with?

Warfarin and other blood thinners, asa, nsaids,


What is “skin hunger?”

Touch is a primal need.
Skin hunger is malnutrition of touch.


What is allopathic medicine?

Western medicine

science-based, modern medicine, such as the use of medications or surgery to treat or suppress symptoms


What is the fastest growing segment of homeless population?

Families account for 50% of homeless population in US


Concept of holism?

Focuses on relationships among all living things.


What is nocebo effect?

Demonstration of power of mind to create bodily distress.
Example- patient expects treatment to hurt and that increases discomfort.


Margaret Newman

Identifies disease as disequilibrium, which stimulates the person toward growth and regaining healing.


Difference between:


Myofascial release

Shiatsu massage

Reflexology: promotes unblocking terminal nerve to improve function along that pathway.

Myofascial release: releases tension in soft connective fascia- restores balance, alignment and mobility

Shiatsu massage: finger pressure method that balances energy force in body.


What is sensory overload and which patients might be at risk for it?

Increase in quantity or intensity of external or internal stimuli. Can become overwhelmed resulting in confusion, disorientation, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, reduced ability to problem solve.

ICU psychosis
Acute pain


What is sensory deprivation in which patients are at risk for it?

sensory deprivation can result in extreme anxiety, hallucinations, bizarre thoughts, temporary senselessness, and depression.

Sudden blindness
quadriplegia or other impaired mobility
or depression


Which group is the greatest challenge to the financing of healthcare in the United States?

Older adults


What is the maximum amount of milligrams of ibuprofen a person should take in one day?

3600-max for Anti-inflammatory use.

1200 mg a day when used as analgesic or antipyretic


Chronic alcoholics have one of the greatest risks for postoperative mortality. What are the reasons?

Chronic alcoholism disrupts function of liver.
Decrease in synthesis bile salts prevents the absorption of vitamin K which is essential for clotting. Therefore these patients are at risk for hemorrhage.
Malnutrition results in decreased protein synthesis, anemia, and vitamin deficiencies all of which interfere with fluid and electrolyte balance and wound healing.
Patient will need alcohol withdrawal.


Difference between:

Community focused care:
Community driven care:
Community health nursing:
Program focused nursing:

Community focused care: does not have population focus

Community driven care: focuses on needs of community and emphasizes participation

Community health nursing: promotes and protects health of populations

Program focused nursing:includes activities that target specific health problems or specific populations

Community based nursing: provides sick care