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Belief that one’s approaches are the best, superior or the preferred ways to act, believe, behave


Which cultures view food as either “hot” or “cold”?

Hispanic, Filipino, Chinese and Arab cultures


Cultural blindness

Ignores differences in culture


Transcultural nursing

Providing care within differences and similarities of beliefs and values.

Leininger developed theory of culture care- diversity and universality.



Also know as cultural assimilation.
When a minority group lives within a dominant group they tend to take on the culture characteristics of the dominant group.
The dominant group can also take on some cultural characteristics of the minority.


2 different mnemonics to remember cultural competency skills:

A: awareness of culture
S: skills in collecting relevant cultural data
K: knowledge of differences and similarities
E: encounters- do’s and don’t’s
D: desire to be culturally competent

B: barriers(prejudices, SES)
E: ethics
A:assessment of culture affecting health
F: facts
E: encounters



Social economic status


Difference between translator and interpreter

Translator: only translates words

Interpreter: provides meaning behind words


Possible African American cultural communication differences:

Head nodding doesn’t always mean agreement.

Prolonged eye contact may be considered rude or aggressive.

Nonverbal communication is important.

Personal questions asked on initial interview may seem intrusive.


Possible African American cultural time orientation and personal space differences:

Time orientation varies with age and socioeconomic.

May be late if relationship or event is deemed more important than being on time.

Comfortable with close personal space if with family and friends.


7 health risks associated with African Americans.

Sickle cell anemia
Heart disease
Lactose intolerance


Recommended interventions for African Americans.

Assess nonverbal behavior.

Be flexible and avoid rigidity in scheduling.

Encourage family involvement.

Alternative modes of healing include herbs, prayer and laying on hands.



Fewer health risk factors than general public d/t manual labor and diet.
Certain genetic risks though because of intermarriage.
Usually speak German and English.
Patriarchal society.
Need permission to be hospitalized by church because they will need help to pay for it.


Interventions to considered with Amish

Speak to both husband and wife regarding health care decisions.

Health instructions in clear simple instructions.

Teaching focused on health implications associated with non-immunization, intermarriage, and sexual abuse.


What is the REACH initiative?

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health.

Initiative of the CDC -it includes six core health areas:
infant mortality,
Deficits in breast and cervical cancer screening ,
cardiovascular diseases,
immunizations for children and adults


Difference between:
cultural sensitivity,
cultural appropriateness,
cultural competence and
definition of professional nursing care

cultural sensitivity- Possess some basic knowledge of and constructive attitudes towards health traditions

cultural appropriateness- Understand and attend to the total context of the client situation using knowledge skills and attitudes

cultural competence- Having underlying background knowledge that will provide clients with the best possible healthcare

definition of professional nursing care- Strive for cultural sensitivity, culture appropriateness, and cultural competence


Who came up with transcultural nursing and what is it?

Madeline Leininger

Formal area of study and practice focused on comparative human care differences and similarities. Provide culturally congruent, meaningful and beneficial healthcare to people.


What is biculture?

Describes a person who has a dual patterns of identification and crosses two cultures, lifestyles, and set of values. Person raised by 2 different cultures/ races of parents.


What are some of the rules of kosher customs? Orthodox Jews

No pork or pork products. Only certain foods if they’ve been inspected by a rabbi and prepared according to dietary laws. Milk products and meat products are not allowed at the same meal.


Which race is it considered impolite to touch the head?

Asian American
Ask for permission if it is necessary to exam head.


Which religions avoid pork? (2)

Islamic people
Orthodox Jews


What is a frequent health problem with migrant populations



Difference between visible and invisible poverty

Visible: lack of money and material resources, such as clothes, sanitation and housing.

Invisible: social and cultural deprivation- including employment and educational opportunities, access to healthcare, lack of public services.