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*** What are the parts of the BCO

Form of Govt.
Rules of discipline
Directory of worship


Prelim. Princ. What is the relationship of *** Church and State

Rights of private judgement in respect to religion are universal and inalienable. No religious constitution should be supported by civil govt. futher than necessary than for protection and security equal to all other.


Pre. Princ. Relationship between truth and godliness?

Godliness is founded on truth. Test of truth is its power to promote holiness


**** Prel. Prinicip. What is the nature of Church Power?

All church power is ministerial and declarative.


**** What is the Constitution of the PCA?

Standards set forth in:
West. COnfession of Faith
Larger and Shorter Catechisms


What is the Scriptural form of Church Govt.?


5 Heads:
1. The Church
2. It's members
3. It's Officers
4. It's Courts
5. Its Orders


***** What is the purpose of the Church

The Church is for the gathering and perfecting of the saints is His visible kingdom of grace, and is one and the same in all ages.


***** Who are the Officers of the church?

Elders (Teaching and Ruling) and Deacons
Scripture: I TImothy 3/ Titus 1:5-9


Who are the members of the visible church? 2-1

All those who make profession of faith in The Lord Jesus Christ together with their children.


***** What denominations are to be recognized as true branches of the Church of Jesus Christ?

All denominations that maintain Word and Sacrament in their fundamental integrity.


In what Body does the power which Christ has committed to His church rest?

The Whole Body


Is the Scriptural Form of Government Essential to the Church's existence?

No. It is essential for its order but not its existence.


In What body does the power which Christ has committed to His church rest?

Rests in the Whole body, the rulers and those ruled.


****** What is the particular church?

Consists of a number of professing Christians with their children, associated together for divine worship and godly living, agreeable to the scriptures, and submitting to the lawful government of Christ's Kingdom.


****** What are the ordinances of the church?

Singing Praises
Reading, expounding and preaching the Word
Adminstration of the sacraments (Baptism/Lords Supper)
Public fasting and thanksgivinig
Offerings for relief of the poor
exercising discipline
taking of solemn vows
Ordination to sacred office


****** What are the communing members of the church? /Non communing?

Communing: Those who have made a profession of Christ, been baptized and admitted by the Session to the Lord's Table
Non-communing: Children of believers, by right of birth are entitled to baptism, pastoral oversight, instruction and governance in the church.


Do the extraordinary officers and extraordinary gifts continue in the church today?



******* What are the duties of a Deacon?

Minister to those in need, to the sick, friendless and any in distress.
develop the grace of liberality - collecting and distributing the gifts of the people
Care of property both real and personal
Keep church property in proper repair


***** What are the courts of the church and what are their respective jurisdictions?

Session - The particular church
Presbytery - What is common to the ministers/sessions/churches within a prescribed district
General Assembly - Such matters that concern the whole Church


***** Difference between a committee and an ecclesiastical commission?

Committee - examine, consider and report
Commission - deliberate upon and conclude the business referred to it. except for Judcial commissions who do not get the final say.


What is the doctrine of vocation?

Calling of individual by the Spirit through the inward testimony of a good conscience, the manifest approbabtion of God's people and the concurring judgment of a lawful court of the church.


What is ordination?

Authoritative admission of one duly called to an office in the Church of God, accompanied wiht prayer and the laying on of hands, to which it is proper to add the giving of the right hand of fellowship.


***** What is licensure, what is it purpose, who may be licesned?

- Preserves the purity of the preaching of the gospel
- Liscnesed to be a regular preacher of the gospel in the PCA
- Ruling Elder, candidate for ministry,teaching elder from a different presbytery, minister of another denomination or some other man.


***** What are the purposes of discipline?

1. Glory of God
2. The purity of the church
3. keeping and reclaiming of disobedient sinners. (purpose of godliness)

Rebuke of offenses, the removal of scandal, the vindication of the honor of Christ, the promotion of purity, the general edification of the church and the spiritual good of the offenders themselves.


***** What are the proper stages of discipline?

1. Instruction in the word
2. Individual's responsibility to admonish one another
3. If the admonition is rejected calling 1 or 2 witnesses
4. Church acts through Courts - admonition, suspension, excommunication and depositioi.


***** What are the censures that may be inflicted by church courts?

admonition, suspension from sacraments, excommunication, suspension from office and deposition from office.


How do the proceedings of the lower courts come before the higher courts? Briefly describe each?

1. Review and Control - Right of the court above to review at least once a year the records of the court below.
2. Reference - Written representation and application made by lower court to higher court for advice or other action in a matter pending the lower court.
3. Appeal - Appeal is the transfer to a higher court of a judicial case on which judgment has been rendered in the lower court.
4. Complaint - A complaint is a written representation made against some act of decision of a court in the church. The right of any communing member of the Church in good standing and subject to its jurisdiction to make a complaint against any action of the court. Should begin by offending court and make its way up.


What methods are there for declaring disatisfaction with actions taken by the lower court.

Have a dissent or protest recorded.
Objection - can be made by a member of the court who did not have the right to vote on that particular issue.


******* How many parts of the constitution of the PCA may be ammended?

3 Parts

Book of Church Order
- Approved by a majority of the GA and rec. to Presbyteries
- Advice and consent of 2/3 of Presbtyery
- Approval and enactment in a subsequent GA by majority

Westminster Confession and Catechism

- Approved by a majority of the GA to rec. to Presbyteries
- Approval by 3/4 Presbyteries
- Approval and Enactment ini subs. Presbtery at next GA


What chapters of the Directory of WOrship have constitutional Authority?

56 Baptism
57 Admission to sealing ordinances
- How to receive non-communing members to L.S.
- Baptized prev. as adults make a prof. of faith
- People who transfer from anothe church
58 Lords Supper


What is the end of public worship?

GLory of God