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What problems can occur from jet lag and shift work ?

(3) poor attention , impaired reaction time & reasoning skills


What happens when you have an intake of alcohol?

Decrease time taken to fall asleep & lessens amount of sleep


Describe the SCN ?

-main endogenous pacemaker, neurones project from SCN to pineal gland which releases melatonin


How to measure sleep ?

EEG-electroencephalogram-brain activity EOG-eye. EMG-muscle activity. ECG-heart


What is endogenous pacemakers ?

Internal biological rhythms , SCN


Describe the external factor light ? (Zeitgebers)

Light can be dectected through other areas of body not just eyes and can be a powerful zeitgeber


What happens when you have an intake of nicotine ?

Addictive effect of nicotine means that smokers tend to wake in night craving cigarettes (30min-2hr)


What happens when you have frequent shift patterns ?

Results in more negative effect , (5) - fatigue ,sleep ,memory loss , mood swings ,reduced productivity and low staff morale


Examples of circadian rhythms ?

-sleep /wake cycle , appetite for food ,temp & hormone levels


What are circadian Rythms ? What they do /purpose?

Body has a way of keeping track of time (circadian clock) , called circadian rhythms -body's natural processes that vary over a 24 cycle


Where is the hormone sleep released ?

The sleep hormone melatonin is released from the hypothalamus (SCN)


What is sleep ?

Sleep can be defined as a state of reduced conscious awareness during which the body is less active and less responsive to the outside world


What is the fourth stage of sleep ?

Sleep gets gradually deeper & delta waves become more common which dominate EEG readings only loud noise /shaking will wake u up (body temp & BP decreases)30 mins


What is the second stage of sleep ?

-20 mins becomes less responsive however woken might not realise sleeping .sharp spikes of electrical activity called sleep spindles ,theta waves ,muscles relax , breathing heart rate drop


What did Philips & danner 1995 find (smoking)?

That smokers are more likely than non smokers to report falling /staying trouble sleeping


What is sleep influenced by?

Sleep is influenced by brain,hormones & light (3) external & internal factors


What is siffre study 1975?

When people are deprived of zeitgebers they still maintain a clinical rythms extends 25hr ( external /internal unison)


What did Campbell & Murphy 1998 find ?

They found that shining light on the back of knees could alter circadian rythms


What did Luce & segel 1966 find ?

People who live in artic circle maintain a constant sleep pattern despite 6 months of constant darkness


What is the third stage of sleep ?

15 mins - the EEG begins shoe delta waves & gradually increase very unresponsive to the environment & hard to wake up & body makes repairs


What did Schwartz et al 1995 study ?

He studied basketball teams (w/e coast of America)? East coast teams who were playing on wc won more games than wc playing ec


What was menaker et al 1978 study ?

Cut the SCN (brains internal clock) from a hamsters brain & found a disruption to hamsters circadian rhythms


How would chemicals treat sleep circadian rythms ?

Mealtion supplments can help to reset the body clock


What does biological approach believe ?

Biological approach believes is a result of systems I body 1) genes 2) biochemical imbalance & 3) neurotransmitters problems


What are 3 examples of stimulants /depressants ?

1) alcohol 2) caffeine 3) nicotine


Which zeitgebers is more powerful light of social factor ?

Social factor can override light as a powerful zeitgebers


What happens when you go from east to west ?

When. You go from E-W? Your temp & metabolic rate is its peak making it difficult to sleep


Describe exogenous zeitgebers?

External factors which affect our biological rhythms cues such as light or social factors, alcohol & caffeine


What happens when you go from e-w & w-e ?

E-w- gain time & w-e- loose time


How can light & food treat circadian rythms ?

Light = SCN is sensitive to light & food= fasting can alter biorhythms & therefore help counter tact jet lag