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Conclusion ?

- longer & more vivid dreaming occurs in R.E.M. -People dream in real time. 5 min periods (45/51) & 15 min period (47/60) -eye movements match a dream content


What is the result of hypothesis 3?

Dream of two People throwing tomatoes at each other occurre in only mainly horizontal R.E.M. Sleep


Evaluation strengths ?

Theoretical - the research provides support for the idea that dreams can be studied in an objective way & opens up areas of research for effect of environmental stimuli on dreaming


Weaknesses ?

Methodological -1) dreams may be recalled easier in R.E.M. Than non sleep because the latter is a deeper stage of sleep 2) the study used a limited sample , mostly men therefore showed a lack of generalisability


What was the aim of demet & Kleitmen (1957)?

To determine when dreaming occurs


What is the procedure ?

9 (7 males & 2 female )



R.E.M. Sleep is corelated with dreaming , duration estimate correlated & eye movement correlates with reported dream content


Procedure (5) ?

1) slept individually in quiet dark lab 2)electrodes were connected near yes to register eye movements & on scalp to measure brain waves. 3) subjects were awoken at various times during night by loud doorbell noise 4)immediately reported in recording device wether they had been dreaming and content of dream before any contact with the experimentaer to avoid bias 5) subjects were never told wether their eyes had been moving or not


What was the method of dement & kleitmean case study ?

Used 9 adults 2 female & 7 men , avoid caffeine & alcohol & slept in lab & woken 7 times & asked what they were dreaming about if dreaming