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What is th rain of little hans ?

The aim of study was to report th findings of treatment of 5 yr old boy for his phobia of horses.


What is the procedure/method?

Freud used case study method however case study was actually carried out by father who friend/supporter of freud
- freud probs only meet little hans once
- the father reported to freud via correspondence & freud gave directions as how to deal with situation based on his interpretations of fathers report.
- freud noted that it was the special relationship between hans and father that allowed analysis to progress and for dissscuion with boy to be detailed and intimate
-first report is 3 yes


Finding / results?

3yrds old- developed interest in his widdler (penis) - for example on occasion he would ask his mummy if she had one too. Throughout this time h email theme of his dreams was widdlers
3yrs 6 months- his mother told him not to touch his widdler or else she would call the doctor to come cut it off - around same time mum gave birth to his sister hanna & hans expressed jealously towards her but this dissapred after a while
- hans had considerable interest in other children especially girls and formed emotional attachment
Almost 5 yrs- han father reported to freud explaining concerns about hans "he is afraid a horse will bite him in the street and this fear seems somehow connected with his having being frightened by large penis" - father provided extensive details of convos with hans and they tired to understand and resolve his phobia of horses
- freud noted hans fear of horses developed just after he had experienced some anxiety dreams about losing his mother and around time he was warned not to touch his widdler - freud arrived hans who enjoyed getting in bed with mother had a repressed longing of her who focused sexual energy on her


Limitations of study

1) hans father who provided most data for Reid was already fimillarr with oedipus complex - therefore possible he supplied hans with clues who led his fantasies of marriage etc
2) a limitation of case study method is that it cant be generalised as it only applies to one person


Support for study

Brown (1965) examined case and provided support
- hans said to his father " daddy dont trot away from me"
- hans particularly feared horses with black around mouth and his father had a moustache
- father and child used to play horses together ,father as horse and hans as rider