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What is the overview of psychoanalytic theory ?

2 unconscious drives , 3 components of personality , 5 stages of psychosexual development & 4 treatments


What are two drives ( unconscious)?

-Thanatos (aggression & death instinct) -Eros (sex drive & lust)


What are the 3 components of personality ?

-Id ( unconscious- pleasure principle) - ego (conscious - reality principle) - superego ( unconscious- Morality principle)


What is the ego defence mechanisms ?

Conflict between I'd & superego -conscious ego protected by defence mechanisms (repression, displacement, regression )


What are the 5 stages of psychosexual development?

Oral , anal , phallic , latent & genital (pleasure centres change, conflict at each stage , resolve conflict or become fixated & adult behaviours fixate or conflict)


What are treatments (of conflicts)?

Hypnosis , free association, parapraxis & dream analysis


What was the interpretation of dreams (1900) ?

Represented contents of the day are pushed in to unconscious , dreams help in the resolution of unconscious conflict & dreams act as a safe release of emotional steam


What are the dreams 2 functions ?

1) allow the release of potentially dangerous energy which would otherwise lead to insanity 2) they protect the sleeper from irrational urges comming from id


What does latent contest mean ?

Underlying meaning of dream, often sexual arousal during dreams indicates hidden urges being manifest


What does day residue mean ?

Content of the day emerges in dream content


Why does manifest content mean ?

Remembered story line of dream


Describe latent content ?

All symbolism has to be translated by an analyst , many images can fit into the existing context of day , there are no universal symbols but are individual , dreamer cannot offer any associations by themselves as guided by their unconscious


What does the wish fulfilment mean ( Freud & jung)

Dreams are mainly wish fulfilment what we would like to happen


Dream work ( how do we protect our self ) ? (5)

Displacement, projection , symbolisation , condensation , rationalisation


What does displacement mean ?

When the Deere for one thing or person is symbolised by something else ( this disguises the emotional meaning of the latent content )


What is projection ?

This happens when the dreamer propels their own desires and wants on to another person


What is dream work ?

Is broad term used to describe the exploration & incorption or dreams in psychotherapy


What are common dreams mean ?

Often relate to current concerns , can invole things that could go wrong & can be straightforward wish fulfilment


What is the interpretation of dreams (1900) Freud

By Freud , wish fulfilment theory & unconscious allowed to express drives freely in dreams


What are anxious dreams

Are an expression of a conflict between the ego & id , they are products of infantile sexual memories


What is psychoanalysis?

The job of the analyst is to reverse this process and reveal the latent (real) meaning of dream


What is symbolisation ?

Symbols censor the repressed ideas contained in the dream by including objects that are meant to symbolise the latent content of dream ( dreamers repressed urges or suppressed desires are acted out metaphorically)


What is rationalisation ?

Is regarded as the final stage of dreamwork, the dreaming man organise an incoherent dream into one that is more comprehensible and logical ( also known as secondary revision)


What are strengths of Freud dream theory ?

, dreams do tell us great deal bout the way the dreamer I feeling & pet scan show the rational bran is switched off during dreaming while the forebrain ( so no ego but I'd)


What is confensation?

Condensation the meaning of imagery may not be so obvious coz the dreamer hides their feelings by condensing many different ideas in to a single thought or image


What are problems with freuds theory ?

The theory is difficult to falsify ( prove) , the theory is based on culturally & historically biased sample of neurotic Viennese women , are all dreams wish fulfilment what about nightmares , there is little empirical evidence to support Freuds claims about dreams & dreams interpret is subjective


Strengths of this approach ?

- freud is a very influential psychologist , especially in the field of personality - he counties to have an influence on everyday language & cultures
- the theory suggests a link between dreaming and desire and has generated research speculation and controversy in relation to topic of dreaming


Weaknesses of psychodynamic approach?

It is based on the interpetion of dreams and it is not possible to gather evidence to support this theory
- emphasis on sexual factors
- the content of dreams may mirror events during a persons waking hours and may not be symbolic in my way