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What are lucid dreams

When you aware that you are teaming , it is recognised as. Unique physiological state involving a change in brain waves to synchronisation of mostly 40hz in frontal part of brain


How to lucid dream ?

1) practising concentration on certain tasks while awake then attempting tasks while asleep 2)remember dreams - ability can increase effort 3) try awaken early then go back to sleep , this often appears to enchance dreaming and remembering


What are dreams?

Dreams are a series of vague or vivid visual images accompanied by action and emotions and dreams take place in real life


One study showed that practising a task during a lucid dream might increase ability how ?

The muscular neural circuits are the same during real movements and imagined movements , reason athletes use visualising


What is sleep paralysis?

May be related to the fact the limbs are paralysed during R.E.M. & which occurs at the fringes of waking & rem sleep , seems very real & more likely when stress , shift work and alcohol


What is sleep ?

Sleep can be defined as a state of reduced conscious awareness during which the body is less responsive and less active to the outside world


What does the biological approach believe ?

That all behaviour is a result of systems in body 1)genes 2)biochemical imbalance 3) neurotransmitters problem


What is the 1st stage of sleep?

Sleep between wakefulness and sleep , easily woken , hear noise , eyes are closed but occasionally flicker open "your drifting off"


What is R.E.M. Sleep (stage 5) ?

90 mins , eeg becomes very mixed in comparison to slow delta waves before , eyes be rapidly moving , however body dosent move


What are circadian rhythm

Body has way of keeping track of time ( clock) called circadian rhythms body natural processes that occur over 24hrs