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What does parasomia mean

Means sleeping disorders that are not due to too much sleep or too little but abnormal behaviours /emotions while sleeping for example sleep walking


What is hypersonmia ?

Opposite to insomnia as person feels sleepy a lot of the time finding I hard to stay awake


What does insomnia mean ?

Means inability to fall sleep or person cannot stay asleep which is treated by drugs


What is sleep apnoea ?

Occurs when a person briefly stops Breathing for a few secs during sleep , sometimes this happens 10-100 times over a course of night - body detects coz in blood and prompts person to wake up this can cause hypersomnia


What is night terrors and sleep waking ?

Night terrors- not same as nightmares caused by stress or traumatic accidents Sleep waking- unresponsive to surroundings - usually harmless but can sometimes injure self


What are circadian Rymth disorders ? (CRSD)

-normally happens to blind people as don't respond to zeitegbers ( light). -delayed sleep phase. -advanced sleep phase person goes to sleep earlier at night. -irregular type timing of sleep/wake are variable , usually caused by jet lag and shift patterns. Treatment - melatonin supplements , light therapy