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You want to configure your computer so that a password is required before the operating system level. What should you do?

– Configure an administrator password in the bios
– Required a complex passwords in the local security policy
– Configure chassis insuring detection
– Configure a user password in the bios

– Configure a user password in the bios


Which of the following would indicate when a system case cover is removed?

– Trusted platform module
– Bios password
– Drive lock
– Chassis intrusion detection

Chassis intrusion detection


Which security measure uses a unique key that can be used for hardware system identification?

– Trusted platform module
– Chassis intrusion detection
– Drive lock
– Bios password

Trusted platform module


Which of the following functions are performed by the TPM?

– Provide authentication credentials
– Formable construction
– Encrypted network daddy using IPSec
– Create a hash of symptom components

Create a hash of symptom components


You purchased a used computer from a computer liquidator. When you boot the computer, you find that there's been a password set on the bios. You need to clear the password so that you can edit the CMOS settings. You want to keep all other CMOS settings. What should you do?

Move the mother board jumper