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Which utility can be used to view when a service was stopped as well as any error messages generated by the service?

-Performance Logs & Alerts
-Event Viewer
-Service applet
-Device Manager

Event Viewer


During system startup, you see an error message that a service failed to start. You research the error and find that another service must be started first before this service can start. Which tool could you use to configure the needed service to start automatically?

-Net start
-Services console
-Net use

Services console


You are the administrator for your computer and you have been asked to get the company accounting program installed on some new windows 7 laptops. When you install this software on the new PC's, you discover that it will not run because UAC keeps causing it to fail. Because the accounting program was designed by the company and it will not be upgraded anytime soon, you must get it to work as is with UAC. What can you do to get the application to work with UAC? (Choose best solution)

-Alter the program settings to run this program as an administrator
-Disable the UAC, install the software, then re-enable UAC
-Upgrade the application to a vista compatible version
-Disable UAC
-Run the program in compatibility mode for windows XP

Alter the program settings to run this program as an administrator


While working on your windows 7 system, the system encounters a critical error. For a brief second you see the Blue screen indicating the error. Before you can read the error, however, the system reboots. After rebooting and logging back on, the same thing happens again. What should you do so that you can read the error message next time it happens without the system rebooting?

-When the error occurs, quickly press the space bar to pause the information on the screen
-Access Startup Repair in the Recovery Environment
-In the Control Panel, use the Power Options to disable automatic rebooting
-Reboot the system. Press F8 and disable the automatic restart feature
-Edit the CMOS settings. Select Stay Off for the restart on power fail option

-Reboot the system. Press F8 and disable the automatic restart feature


Which of the following represents the correct boot sequence in Windows XP after the BIOS has passed control over to NTLDR?




Mary reports that an application's shortcut icon is no longer launches the application. You check your documentation and find that you have installed a new disk drive in her computer. What should you do first so Mary can run the application.

-Check the shortcut properties to make sure it is pointing to the correct file location
-Remove the disk drive you installed earlier
-Give Mary additional permissions to the applications files and directories
-Download and install any necessary application updates

Check the shortcut properties to make sure it is pointing to the correct file location


You have a custom database application that your company has been using for several years. The application works fine on all of your Windows XP systems. You have just purchased a new Windows 7 system for one of your sales team members. You make this user member of the Users group on the local system. You install the custom application successfully. When the sales team person logs on and tries to run the application, the program splash screen loads but then seems to hang. What should you do first?

-Configure Windows Reporting to send you application error reports
-Reconfigure the shortcut to point to the correct file
-Grant the user permissions to the directories and files used by the application
-Re-install the application in a directory without spaces in the name

Grant the user permissions to the directories and files used by the application


A windows XP system was severely damaged after a lighting strike, and is now failing to boot. The menu of boot options contained within the boot.ini file is not displaying and you are convinced that the file is not being read. Which file is responsible for loading and displaying the boot.ini options?




One of the programs that launches automatically at startup is causing your Windows workstation to lock up.You have examined the Startup folder, and the program application is not present. Which Windows utility should you use to prevent the program from starting automatically?

-System Information
-Recovery Console
-Add/Remove Programs control panel applet



While browsing the Internet, the internet Explorer browser window hangs and stops responding. Which Task Manager tab would you use to the end Internet Explorer? (Select two)




On a windows system, which Task manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?




Which of the following tools can you use to the start the Print Spooler service if it is currently stopped? (Select two)

-Device Manager
-Net start
-Net use
-Services console

Net start
Services console


You have a compiler that compiled applications used in your business. You want to make sure that the compiler continues to run the background, even if you open other applications. How can you adjust the amount of attention given to the application?

– Use the services console to change the start up type automatic
– Use TaskManager to modify the process affinity
– Use task manager to modify the process priority
– Use task manager to switch the running application

Use task manager to modify the process priority


You have a Windows Vista computer that was recently upgraded from Windows XP. One application works fine in windows XP, but now does not run in Windows Vista. Your check application vendor website but there is no update available. What should you try next to run the application?

– Create a virtual computer that runs windows XP. Run the virtual computer each time application runs
– Run the application compatibility mode
– Make all users who need to run application members of the local administrators
– Run application in its own memory space

Run the application compatibility mode


When running a program on a Windows system you get your message indicating that a specific file (not the .exe file) cannot be located. What should you try first to fix the problem?

– Reinstall the program
– add memory to the system
– Move the files that cannot be located to the Windows system directory
– Reboot and try the program again
– Check the working (Start In) directory identified by shortcut

Check the working (Start In) directory identified by shortcut


Which Windows 7 operating system startup component replaces the boot.ini my file that was used by earlier versions of Windows?

– Windows boot manager
– Winload.exe
– The configuration data

The configuration data