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Describe the functions of the following intercom components:
Control unit
Master Station

Control unit - controls stations connected and creates paths to communicate between stations when connected.
Station - remote communicating device connected to control unit; can communicate with other stations.
Master Station - Must have one mater; communicates with other master and substations.
Substation - only communicates with master station; communicates with more than one master.


Residential intercom systems offer additional features, such as:

music, door chimes, room to room, call communication


What are the two types of substations for residential intercoms?

indoor and outdoor


Can you use the same rough in bracket for master station as a substation?

no - masters require larger brackets for power supply


How is wiring for an intercom substation selected?

Vendor and distance from substation run from master


When installing a room station, you must stay 18" from what items?

flourescent lights, dimmers, high voltage, security


How do commercial master stations differ from residential master stations?

Commercial has a longer range and more than one master station.


Where would a vandal resistant substation be installed?

garage, prison, wherever subject to damage


Describe the differences between loop and star wiring configurations.

Loop is a chain/daisy chain.
Star is each substation that runs back to master station.


Where are some locations where a high power intercom would be necessary?

High noise areas (such as warehouse, shipping docks)


Door control uses a push button to control a ______ to release a locking door.

remote relay


Describe the two basic types of Nurse Call systems.

Visual - gives visual at master and second alter to caregiver.
Audio/Visual - advanced features - addressable, devices, pagers, wireless phones


What features do bathroom emergency stations have that other emergency stations do not?

A chord hanging from the ceiling to make a call.


How is the cabling service selected for Nurse Call systems?



Where are some locations you could expect to see Emergency Call Systems?

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospice


What is the purpose of an Area of Refuge?

Handicap accessible phone for emergencies


How is the operation of a telephone entry system that does not require a telephone line different from one that does?

The one that does not require a telephone line uses relays instead of phone lines to communicate with different areas.


What wiring is required for a telephone entry system?

Phone line, power, lock control, grounding wire, screamer station