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How do day/night cameras work?

Produce video in color under favorable lighting conditions and switches over to black and white when lighting gets too low for color.


List the three common sizes and distance limitations for coax cable.

RG59 - up to 500ft.
RG6 - up to 750ft (needs to be copper braided.
RG11 - up to 1500ft


What are the four types of BNC connectors

1 - Twist on BNC - least reliable.
2 - 2-piece crimp BNC - more reliable, makes better connection, requires special tool.
3 - 3-piece crimp BNC - most reliable, strong physical connection, most time consuming.
4 - Compression connectors - best connection for CCTV, easy to install.


The five factors that determine the amount of recording time you will get out of your DVR/NVR are:

Image Record Rate - number of images recorded per second.
Picture Size - larger pictures require more space.
Image Quality - larger and quality images require more space. The less quality, the less space.
Scene Activity - changes picture size due to moving camera or scenery.
Storage Space - amount of space available


The term bandwidth is used to describe what?

The amount of info a network can transmit and receive at one time.


What protocol is used for transferring data between computers on a network?



How does network video differ from standard CCTV?

It utilizes cameras or devices with ethernet outputs that send the video signal over the computer network.


What makes a camera a "network camera"?

It has a built-in ethernet connection.


What is the main difference between a standard DVR and a hybrid DVR?

Hybrid DVR's can record from IP addressable cameras connects to a network and permit the reception of both analog and digital video signals. They also have the capability of recording and storing signals from both sources.


What affects can be expected if the network video equipment consumes too much of the available network bandwidth?

Slowing in network speeds, system crashes.


How are inputs and outputs used?

They allow the network transmitter to receive control signals from remote locations and allow the transmitter to send signals to other locations over the network, programmable


List three alternate methods of video transmission.

Twisted pair
Fiber optics


The purpose of a network is to:

Two or more PC's connected together for the purpose of sharing data, peripherals and resources.


What is the difference between a hub and a router?

A hub serves as a switching and control point for all devices connected to the network - it routes signals from one device to another device.
A router allows devices using different communication protocols to communication with each other - used to allow a network to access the internet.


What information is contained in the MAC address?

Hardware manufacturer, model number and device's individual ID #


POE camera use how many volts?

48V (power of ethernet)


measure of light sensitivity

lux 1 lux=10cf (candles per foot)



Automatic lens control; output on camera that controls an auto iris control



automatic gain control; electronic feature that automatically increases camera sensitivity under poor lighting conditions



backlight compensation; electronic processing of a video that reduces the rear illumination and increases the brightness of the target, standard or zone selectable


voltage for full body or legacy cameras



What are the 7 camera types?

full body, bullet, dome, board, vandal, covert, ip network


_______ devices are devices that are shared on a network. ex printers and fax machines



How is an IP address constructed?

network manager deter mains IP address
4 sets of numbers separated by decimal points


What is the purpose of the subnet mask?

like an area code, when one computer calls another it needs to know if its local or long distance


How are dynamic and static IP addresses different?

static IP address stay the same for remote access where dynamic change every time you lose connection


List two types of firewall programs

DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)
NAT (network address translation)


What communication protocol is used by most computer networks?

TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol)


What is the process for viewing network video on a computer?

standard web browser (internet explorer) then type in the IP address in the address bar


What are two memory types network cameras use to store images locally?

memory card or built in