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what are the three most common types of CCTV power sources?

POE, 24v AC, 12v DC


What is the importance of uniformly lighting a scene?

uniform picture quality


Why is video compression necessary?

consumes more storage space, bandwidth, reduces upload/download time


Define the four network categories that make up Quality of Service (QoS).

Bandwidth, latency, jitter, and traffic loss


Why is it necessary to have the power supply for an outdoor PTZ located near it?

Power consumption; long runs = high power drops


How does an IP/POE camera differ from a non IP/POE camera?

How they connect; BNC 2-wire, transmission distance and power all over with one cable, mini-chip


What are some of the issues with power that affect a CCTV system and what can you do to help reduce them? Issues:

Burn out, black out, faulty power supplies/cables. You can correct by installing a UPS


Define point-to-point wireless transmission

RF signal transmitted via line of sight point to point. Single camera to single monitor. Simple system.


What are the three most common mounting options for a TRZ camera? Describe how each mount can affect the field of view.

Pandant - Wall mount 180°
Dome - Corner mount 270°
Pole - Pole mount 360°


What reference is used for the standardization of the CCTV industry?

NTSC = none


What does the term "scaleable pan" mean?

it won't give you motion sickness - slows the pan rate when zoomed in.


What are the recommended maximum distances for the following communication protocols?
AD Manchester 18awg and 22awg

RS-232 - 50'
RS-422 - 4000'
RS-485 - 4000'
AD Manchester
18awg - 5000'
22awg - 3200'


What is a Gimbal mount and where are they used?

It's a camera mount for a helicopter (non-stable platform)


What is used to fill an explosion-proof housing?

Nitrogen 15psi


Describe how DVMD (Digital Video Motion Detector) works.

It compares sequential images from video and if enough of the pixels have changed between frames, the camera software determines something moved and will send an alert


Why is PTZ preset a useful tool for the security officer/operator?

Remote eyes/fast monitoring of activities in preset locations


Describe the difference between conventional radio transmission and MIMO

MIMO uses at least two antenna - 2 in/2 out
Conventional is 1 in/1 out


What are the two basic components of WiFi networks?

Wifi Radios Access points/gates. two basic modes of operation: infrastructure and ad hoc mode. In ad hoc mode, mobile units transmit directly peer-to-peer. In infrastructure mode, mobile units communicate through an access point that serves as a bridge to other networks


Why is video compression not required for fiber-optic transmission?

Fiber has a very large bandwidth.


What are the different types of communication media used for control of PTZ cameras?

wireless, VTP, coax, network, STP