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List the common features/factors for security system design

1. detection for vulnerable perimeter entry
2. standby power
3. interior detection
4. security for control panel
5. notification suited for purpose
6. secure method of communication


What is a zone?

input on control panel that is individually identified by the control panel.


Define closed circuit/loop

While in alarm state, closed circuit devices (wire in series) permit the flow of current. Most common for security.


Define open circuit/loop

While in alarm state, does NOT permit current flow - closed circuit. Most common with fire alarm. Wired in panel.


What is the purpose of the EOLR?

provide supervision of the circuit


When using a 2000 ohm end of line resistor on a closed loop switch, what ohm values will you see during the following conditions?

Active inifinite
Secure 2000 ohm


Define the following zone types:
a. entry/exit
b. perimeter
c. interior
d. interior follower
e. 24 hour
f. fire
g. keyswitch
h. panic

a. entry/exit - delay, allows system to be disarmed. used for doors
b. perimeter - activates instantly when violated - windows and infrequently, doors
c. interior - detects activity inside when armed - unoccuppied
d. interior follower - follows the entry/exit zone
e. 24 hour - constantly armed - environmental
f. fire - supports fire devices; constantly armed
g. keyswitch - arms and disarms panel
h. panic - active whether armed or disarmed; silent


Define the following common control panel features:
a. automatic arming
b. automatic bypass
c. automatic testing
d. force arming
e. lock out
f. opening and closing reports
g. partition
h. swinger shutdown
i. walk test/chime

a. automatic arming - arms burglar alarm system, if not already (ex: employee forgets)
b. automatic bypass - bypasses interior zones when system armed
c. automatic testing - sends signal to central monitor station at interval - checks in
d. force arming - bypasses zones that aren't ready when system armed
e. lock out - prevents others from reprogramming a system
f. opening and closing reports - sends signals to monitor when system is disarmed (arms and disarms)
g. partition - assigns zones to specific keypads.
h. swinger shutdown - bypasses zones that repeatedly go into alarm
i. walk test/chime - keypad sounder chirps when zone is violated


How are the system outputs controlled?

Follow inputs, inputs usually are programmed by installer of factory. Inputs control what outputs do.


What piece of equipment is used for the alarm system communication interface?

RJ31x jack & chord


The purpose of a system keypad is to:

provide an interface to the control unit for system use and programming.


Describe the difference between a duress code and a keypad panic.

Duress sends special signal (no audio alarm) to monitor
Panic programmed buttons are used as indications - needs someone at keypad.


What type contacts are typically wired in series configuration?

closed circuit


Most contacts are activated by what two means?

magnetic or mechanical


How is a heavy-duty switch different from a regular-duty switch?

Heavy-duty housings and around cable connections


What types of switches are used for banks, jewelry stores and some government facilities.

High security, biased


What is the most common form of space protection used in modern security systems?

motion detector - PIR and microwave


How does a PIR detect an intruder?

it detects changes in the background temp and any targets that enter the area


List three things that may cause false alarms on PIR's

radiant heating system, rodents and birds, forced air heating system


What are the two technologies used most in dual technology motion detection?

PIR and Microwave


How does a microwave detector work?

It transmits microwave signals and analyzes signals that are reflected back to the unit.


How does an audio glassbreak detector work?

If the sound of breaking glass frequency is detected, an alarm signal is generated. It has a built in microphone.


What is the range of most glassbreak detector

15 to 30 feet


Ca you mount a standard glassbreak detector above the window that is being protected?

NO - unless it is stated on the detector


What items could interfere with the operation of an audio glassbreak detector

curtains or blinds, line of sight


List three sources of false alarms for audio glassbreak detector

hand clapping, jingling keys, clanging pans


How do dual technology audio glassbreaks reduce false alarms?

It requires two frequencies to trigger alarm


Why are mechanical shock sensors more prone to false alarms?

lack of circuitry to analyze shocks


Were are shock sensors mounted?

depends on the type used and intended application - glass or window frame


What is the operating principle of photoelectric beam detectors?

transmits invisible, pulsing beam of light from one unit and receives at another.