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According to the National Fire Protection Association, how many fires were reported in 2011?
a. 1,451,000 b. 1,389,500
c. 2,451,000 d. 4,451,500

b. 1,389,500


Which of the following is NOT one of the three primary fire protection elements for providing fire protection in a building?
a. Containment b. Detection
c. Reporting d. Suppression

c. Reporting


Name the five primary functions of a fire alarm system

Early detection, occupant notification, safety control functions, building systems management, notification of fire department


A fire alarm installed in a rubber tire warehouse is an example of _______ protection.
a. code compliant b. environmental
c. heritage d. required

b. environmental


For the purposes of fire protection, room contents are referred to as ______.
a. combustibles b. commodities
c. fuels d. furnishings

c. fuels


Name the four elements that affect fire alarm system reliability

design, installation, equipment, maintenance


The world's first public fire alarm reporting system was used in ________.
a. Baltimore b. Boston
c. New York d. Washington, DC

b. Boston


Fusible link technology was first used for ________.
a. heat detectors
b. manual fire alarm boxes
c. radiant energy-sensing fire detectors
d. smoke detectors

a. heat detectors


The first ____ was made commercially available in the 1960's.
a. air-sampling smoke detector
b. heat detector
c. pneumatic tube-type heat detector
d. smoke detector

d. smoke detector


Single-station smoke alarms for dwellings are only used for _______.
a. heritage protection b. life safety
c. mission continuity d. property protection

b. life safety


Air sampling smoke detectors were developed in _____.
a. Australia b. New Zealand
c. United Kingdom d. United States

a. Australia


What type of detection was developed to protect large open areas?
a. Air-sampling smoke detectors
b. Projected beam smoke detectors
c. Single-station smoke alarms
d. Spot-type smoke detectors

b. Projected beam smoke detectors


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in ______,
a. 1990 b. 1991
c. 1992 d. 1993

c. 1992


Name the three types of supervising station systems.

Central, Remote, Proprietary supervising


Supervising station that only monitor property owned by the supervising station operator are called ______
a. central supervising stations
b. proprietary supervising stations
c. protected premises systems
d. remove supervising stations

b. proprietary supervising stations


An in-building fire emergency voice/alarm communications system is usually found in a ____.
a. dwelling b. high-rise building
c. small office building d. warehouse

b. high-rise building


The primary purpose of dwelling fire warning equipment or systems is ________.
a. property protection b. heritage protection
c. mission continuity d. life safety

d. life safety


A ____ usually provides signal information in a floor plan format.

Graphic Annuciator


A fire alarm control unit performs which of the following functions?
a. provides graphical user interface
b. provides monitoring of circuits
c. provides power to initiating devices
d. all of the above

d. all of the above


An addressable fire alarm system control unit monitors the status of initiating devices _____.
a. by periodically polling the device
b. by turning the initiating device ON and OFF
c. through alarm verification
d. through small supervision current through an end-of-line device.

a. by periodically polling the device


Which type of sprinkler is most commonly used to protect buildings?
a. deluge systems b. dry-pipe sprinklers
c. pre-action d wet-piper sprinklers

d wet-piper sprinklers


Which of the following is an alarm signal initiating device?
a. manual station b. room temperature switch
c. valve tamper switch d. water level switch

a. manual pull station (wired or programmed to cause an alarm) indicative of a fire.


Which of the following is considered a fire safety control function?
a. door unlocking b. elevator recall
c. elevator shutdown d. all of the above

d. all of the above


A _________ system usually requires the actuation of _____ detector(s) to open the charging valve, which floods the sprinkler piping in the protected space.
a. deluge / 4 b. dry-piper sprinkler / 3
c. pre-action / 2 d. wet-pipe sprinkler / 1

c. pre-action / 2


Name at least three types of notification appliances used to alert occupants.

horns, sirens, speakers, bells


Name at least three emergency control functions that may be controlled by a fire alarm system.

door locking, elevator recall, elevator shutdown (short trip), HVAC shutdown, smoke control, stairway pressurization, door releasing service.


Identify the following supervisory initiating device:
a. manual pull station
b. radiant energy sensing detector
c. valve temper switch
d. waterflow switch
it's the red thingamajig on wheels

c. valve temper switch


Which of the following circuit types is/are addressable (check all that apply)
a. IDC b. NAC
c. SLC d. SLD

c. SLC


Computer rooms are sometimes protected by _____
a. deluge sprinkler systems
b. dry-pipe sprinklers
c. gaseous suppression systems
d wet-piper sprinklers

c. gaseous suppression systems


The National Fire Protection Association was founded in ____.
a. 1893 b. 1894
c. 1895 d. 1896

d. 1896