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What are the responsibilities of the Owner?

Supplying project concept & requirements; Acquiring land; Obtaining municipal approvals; Providing financing; Contracting architect/engineer; Awarding contracts in connection w/the work; Furnishing property surveys; Providing Insurance; Making payments; Securing & paying for easements


What are the responsibilities of the Design Professional (Architect/Engineer)?

Representing owner; Advising & consulting w/owner; Coordinating & communicating w/other disciplines; Generating a complete set of drawings & specs; Coordinating all drawings & specs; Participating in bid process & contractor selection; Verifying that workmanship & materials conform to requirements of drawings & specs; Inspecting project; Preparing punch list


What are the responsibilities of the General Contractor?

Gives personal attention to the work; Complying w/laws & ordinances; Following the drawings & specs; Taking responsibility for materials & workmanship; Supervising subcontractors; Alerting building owner of discrepancies in design; Putting together a bid; Acquiring performance & payment bonds; Following contract


What are Performance Standards?

State what the final outcome of the project should be.


What are Prescriptive Standards?

Tell the contractor exactly what to do and how to do it.


1) Martin is the owner of a new shoe store being built in a local strip mall. Which of the following is his most important contribution to the construction project? a-acquiring land; b-supplying project concept & requirements; c-obtaining municipal approvals; d-obtaining sufficient funding

d-obtaining sufficient funding


2) As program developer, Jim knows that one of the most critical tasks he faces is to put together a multidisciplinary project team whose members have complimentary skill sets, experience, passion for their task, and ______. a-strong work ethic; b-postgraduate degrees; c-four written references; d-expertise in the local real estate market

a-strong work ethic


3) Karen is interviewing to be the contractor for a ________ project, which can take many forms. She aims to determine if this project will focus on the rehabilitation, modernization, or remodeling of the building. a-speculative development; b-built-to-suit development; c-renovation; d-energy performance contracting



4) Miranda relies on both the _________, and the program of requirements to identify the space requirements for a construction project. a-punch list; b-blueprint; c-needs assessment; d-zoning codes

c-needs assessment (Statement of Need)


5) As an experienced developer, Seth is well-versed in ________, which control the use, height, and mass of a building for a given area. a-industrial codes; b-zoning codes; c-building codes; d-uniform building codes

b-zoning codes


6) When designing a project, much time is spent developing graphic illustrations of each component of the building. These illustrations, known as _______, are included in construction contract documents. a-Working drawings; b-Schedules; c-Conditions of the contract; d-Specifications

a-working drawings


7) Predevelopment studies dedicated to analyzing the suitability of a site's soil and other aspects of the site itself are focused on: a-physical feasibility; b-economic feasibility; c-project cash flow; d-lifecycle costing

a-physical feasibility


8) Through the green approach to program development, ______ help(s) facilitate consensus and an efficient approval process. a-increased funding; b-stakeholder participation; c-strict project team hiring requirements; d-LEED Green Building Rating System

b-stakeholder participation