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1) Nick is looking for a type of ceiling panel that has unfinished edges and creates the most monolithic appearance. Which type of ceiling panel should Nick choose? a-tegular-edge ceiling tiles; b-flush ceiling tiles; c-beveled ceiling panels; d-fiberglass ceiling boards

b-flush ceiling tiles


2) Sarah would like her new architectural firms office to have a high, dramatic ceiling in the lobby with exposed ductwork. Which type of ceiling system offers these features? a-open; b-snap-in metal pan; c-special linear; d-integrated modular



3) Candice knows that no matter what flooring she installs, it will require: a-nontoxic adhesive; b-a lightweight concrete surface application; c-off-gassing prior to shipping; d-some preparation to the subfloor.

d-some preparation to the subfloor


4) Laura decided to install a type of _______________ flooring material in her salon, since the stylists stand all day. This type of flooring is less tiring to leg muscles because it has some give under impact. a-wood; b-textile; c-hard; d-resilient



5) Kristen has chosen _______________ vinyl tile for the reception area of a school because it has excellent indentation resistance and is good for high-traffic areas. a-backed; b-surface; c-homogeneous; d-high-performance



6) Ken chose terrazzo flooring for the lobby of his high-end condominium building, not only because of its attractive appearance, but because of its: a-ability to absorb static electricity; b-easy maintenance; c-formulation from recyclable materials; d-resistance to acid and alkaline conditions.

b-easy maintenance


7) Charles has selected _______________ carpet for its good stain resistance. a-nylon; b-olefin; c-rayon; d-polyester



8) Nancy would like a loop-pile carpet that wears well. She should select a loop-pile carpet with _______________ rows of yarn. a-shorter pile and closer; b-taller pile and closer; c-shorter pile and more spaced; d-taller pile and more spaced

a-shorter pile and closer


9) Gordon, a facilities manager, has several tenants who would like area rugs in their offices. How should the rugs be installed? a-stretched and tacked; b-loose-laid; c-glued down; d-stretched with a tackless strip



10) The most popular installation method for commercial carpet is: a-stretched and tacked; b-loose-laid; c-stapled down; d-direct glue-down.

d-direct glue-down.