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1) Like most commercial buildings, Donovan Place has a flat roof. It was designed with the minimum recommended slope of _______________ per foot. a-one-quarter inch; b-one-half inch; c-one inch; d-two inches

a-one-quarter inch


2)Ellie is retrofitting an old house with a sloping roof into a law office. This roof is made of water-shedding _______________, which relies on the pitch of the roof to rapidly drain water from the surface. a-single-ply membrane; b-bitumen; c-tile; d-stone aggregate



3)Sam is responsible for overseeing the construction of a new office building downtown. Having previously only managed older buildings, Sam expects to address each of the same project concerns as those associated with reroofing projects in this new roofing project except: a-adjusting the construction schedule around weather constraints; b-selecting materials that are maintainable; c-coordinating with workers from other trades to keep them off the completed roof; d-containment and abatement of found asbestos.

d-containment and abatement of found asbestos.


4)In selecting a new roofing system, Michael sees the need for sight shields to limit the visibility of the rooftop equipment. This is an example of considering _______________ in roofing selection. a-roofing design; b-building location; c-building use; d-building aesthetics

d-building aesthetics


5) Corinne is in the process of selecting reinforcements for a built-up roofing system (BUR). She elects to use _______________, which function as a surface sheet for most BUR systems. a-dry felts; b-ply sheets; c-base sheets; d-cap sheets

d-cap sheets


6) Josh chose to reroof his building with a modified bituminous roof because it uses less petroleum and is comprised of polymeric modifiers that enhance the physical properties to make the reinforcements: a-waterproof; b-fireproof; c-wind-resistant; d-heat-resistant



7) The roof on Smith Towers is covered with layers that are 45 mils to 60 mils thick, so they are not as resistant to abuse as other roofs in the city. Smith Towers has a: a-modified bituminous roofing system; b-single-ply roofing system; c-bituminous built-up roofing system; d-shake roofing system.

b-single-ply roofing system


8) Allie needs to make sure that the membrane on her building s roof is sealed at expansion joints. To do this, she uses a roofing detail called: a-penetration; b-roofing edge; c-coping metal; d-flashing.



9) Jenny knows that _______________ the roofing membrane, metal accessories, and building structure (perimeter walls) on her building s roof will minimize the chances of the forces of expansion causing a break in the waterproof membrane. a-centering; b-grouping; c-resizing; d-isolating



10) Henry is supervising the installation of a new HVAC system on his building s roof. His priority is providing adequate _______________ for maintenance and eventual replacement of the roofing membrane beneath the equipment. a-clearance; b-penetrations; c-fastening; d-substrates



11) Frank is establishing a roofing maintenance program for each of the following reasons except: a-it will help to protect the investment in the building; b-it will add years to the life of the roofing; c-it will detect minor problems before damage is widespread; d-it will increase the life of rooftop equipment such as HVAC units

d-it will increase the life of rooftop equipment such as HVAC units