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1) To determine the latent heat present in the air in the mechanical closet, Grayson needs to know the difference between DB temperature and: a-WB temperature; b-relative humidity; c-dew point; d-Btu.

a-WB temperature


2) Helen considers human heat loss or gain as a critical factor in choosing an HVAC system. She knows that if the MRT in an office is _______________ the temperature of the occupants skin and clothing, the surfaces surrounding each occupant radiate heat toward the person. a-the same as; b-higher than; c-lower than; d-within range of

b-higher than


3) Phil is designing an air-conditioning system for a soda bottling plant. He should tailor the system to meet the load required to serve line workers regularly participating in which of the following activities? a-seated, very light work; b-moderately active office work; c-light machine work; d-athletics

c-light machine work


4) Renee has noticed a problem with excessive humidity in some of the older buildings she manages, but she recalls that the RH does not adversely affect comfort as long as it is between _______________ percent and 60 percent. a-20; b-30; c-40; d-50



5) Mark just moved to a new city where he is the facilities manager for a Class A office building. He remembers ASHRAE s standard that for inactive, lightly clothed individuals and still air conditions, optimum comfort can be maintained in the interior of an office building with maximums of _______________ in the summer. a-71°F at 25% RH; b-74°F at 40% RH; c-76°F at 50% RH; d-78°F at 60% RH

c-76°F at 50% RH


6) Sarah relies on _______________ of her building s HVAC system to compensate for the different heating and cooling needs of the different areas in the building and reduce operating expenses. a-segmenting; b-partitioning; c-dividing; d-zoning



7) Although there are several types of internal heat loads in his building, Dan recognizes that _______________ are the most significant internal heat source. a-people; b-lights; c-computers; d-electric motors in the HVAC system



8) Gary does his best to mitigate external heat loads. He uses shading devices to reduce _______________ loads. a-ventilation; b-infiltration; c-solar; d-equipment



9) Ruby monitors the effectiveness of the building s HVAC system in adequately distributing ventilation air, controlling airborne contaminants, and maintaining an acceptable temperature and humidity level. Each of these contributes to good: a-IAC; b-IAQ; c-dew point; d-R-value.



10) Allison suspects that the occupants of Eighth Street Offices may have _______________ because several individuals on the ground floor have fallen ill with similar respiratory problems, but no specific illness has been identified. a-SBS; b-BRI; c-OCC; d-EPA