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1) Jeff's tenants take issue with their offices being either too cold or too hot. As a result, the building never feels comfortable for its occupants. What factor is impacting the building envelope? a-wind loads; b-temperate climate; c-water infiltration; d-solar radiation

b-temperate climate


2) Jerry, a facilities manager, has learned of mold growth on the first floor of the new building he is managing. This may be a result of _______________, one of the major reasons for many lawsuits filed in construction defect cases. a-thermal expansion; b-air infiltration; c-water infiltration; d-sound attenuation

c-water infiltration


3) The architectural design committee opted to use _______________ during construction, the mostly widely used of all curtain walls, since they like the look of window walls using spandrel panels and mullions. a-stucco; b-masonry veneer; c-EIFS; d-metal curtain walls

d-metal curtain walls


4) During their building retrofit project, Sarah's design team chose _______________ windows for their strength and durability, relatively low thermal conductance, and reasonable cost. a-aluminum; b-vinyl; c-steel; d-wood



5) Conrad explains to his building's owners that in order to protect against air and water infiltration, window joint structures are comprised of at least one of the following, except: a-anchors; b-sealants; c-gaskets; d-weather stripping.



6) John is planning a building renovation. One valuable technique that will help him explore different design options and HVAC systems is the use of a building ______. a-inspection; b-simulation; c-cost analysis; d-audit



7) Patricia, a property manager, is meeting with a masonry consultant to survey her building s façade. Most likely, Patricia is completing a(n) _______________ type of retrofit project. a-metal curtain wall reseal; b-HVAC redesign; c-window replacement; d-brick façade rehabilitation

d-brick façade rehabilitation


8) A property or facilities manager should follow the preventive maintenance suggestions of the _______________ as part of an effective program for a building envelope. a-building owner; b-manufacturer of the product installed; c-design team; d-building occupants

b-manufacturer of the product installed