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1) Humidity, temperature, motion of air without objectionable noise, freshness, and cleanliness are a range of conditions that make up the: a-air zone; b-comfort zone; c-comfort air;d-draft zone.

b-comfort zone


2) Ron understands that air pressure influences the delivery of air through the duct system of his building. Air pressure within a typical HVAC system is _______________ than atmospheric pressure. a-much more; b-slightly more; c-much less; d-slightly less

b-slightly more


3) Since he is not constrained by the aesthetics of the application, William wants to design duct work with a(n) _______________ for lower energy consumption. a-average aspect ratio; b-low aspect ratio; c-high aspect ratio; d-medium aspect ratio

b-low aspect ratio


4) The duct system in John s building has a duct that penetrates a floor. Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of fires, a _______________ is required, which closes automatically if excess heat is detected. a-fire alarm; b-fire wall; c-fire damper; d-fire zone

c-fire damper


5) Cheryl is modifying the conditioned space in her building. To ensure air is balanced for effective distribution, Cheryl should: a-do nothing; b-review and analyze the air balance herself; c-contract with the HVAC installer to review the air balance; d-hire an independent air-balancing firm to review the air balance.

d-hire an independent air-balancing firm to review the air balance.


6) Which type of terminal unit would receive air at a variable temperature that is adjusted to take care of the cooling load, or is supplied with constant temperature cold air and uses a heating coil to reheat the cold air to the required temperature? a-dual-duct terminal unit; b-single-duct terminal unit; c-VAV terminal unit; d-induction terminal unit

b-single-duct terminal unit


7) The design engineer had to recommend against the use of slot diffusers for the HVAC system as the outlets exceed the maximum recommended height of: a-one inch; b-two inches; c-two and a-half inches; d-three inches.

d-three inches


8) A _______________ is the most common fan used for air-conditioning and ventilation systems and is classified by the blade design rather than by the function performed. a-centrifugal fan; b-axial flow fan; c-propeller fan; d-vaneaxial fan

a-centrifugal fan


9) Because they are compact and easily installed, Rebecca chose _______________, the most common type of coil used in air-handler systems of commercial buildings. a-finned-tube coils; b-air washers; c-water washers; d-sprayed coils

a-finned-tube coils


10) When researching air-conditioning system filters for her building, Janet learned that there are four classifications of filters. She decides that _______________ filters would be appropriate for her building s units since this type removes gases from the air. a-viscous impingement; b-electrostatic; c-fibrous media; d-carbon



11) Jim is concerned about the level of toxic engine exhaust fumes in his underground parking garage. So he ensures that the ventilation rate for the garage is accurate, typically about _______________ cfm per square foot of floor space. a-one; b-two; c-three; d-four