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1) Michael is researching materials to use with gypsum wallboard to construct sound-controlling walls in his building. Sound-controlling walls were identified as the solution for the tenant due to all of the following characteristics except: a-isolates vibrations; b-isolates impacts; c-diverts sound transmission; d-hinders sound transmission.

c-diverts sound transmission


2) All of the following are advantages of metal framing for constructing stud partitions except that it is: a-easy to construct; b-pre-engineered; c-noncombustible; d-inexpensive.



3) Fire-resistant wallboard is a type of specialized gypsum board product known as: a-Type F; b-Type W/R; c-Type X; d-Type Z.

c-Type X


4) Michelle will use _______________ to replicate architectural shapes in her restoration project, which used to be produced by ornamental plasters. a-full thickness plaster; b-veneer-reinforced gypsum; c-glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum; d-glass-reinforced plaster

c-glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum


5) The element of a paint that provides its color is: a-pigment; b-coating; c-binder; d-solvent.



6) Correct _______________ will produce a surface that will allow the paint to bond and is considered the most important phase of the painting process. a-cohesion; b-timing; c-preparation; d-maintenance



7) Today s zinc-rich primers act as _______________; that is, the zinc in the paint corrodes instead of the iron or steel surface onto which it is applied. a-sacrificial anodes; b-sacrificial chromates; c-lead choromates; d-rust

a-sacrificial anodes


8) In 1991, the worst high-rise office building fire in the United States originated with the _______________ of linseed-oil-soaked rags left by workers refinishing wood paneling, causing damage to eight stories and costing several lives. a-soaking; b-proper storage; c-autostorage; d-autoignition



9) Jim, a manager of an older building, should have paint chip samples tested to determine their _______________ and prevent health hazards related to lead-based paint, which is still present in some older buildings. a-composition; b-color; c-finish; d-corrosive-protected properties



10) _______________ come in Type I and Type II. They are durable and simple to maintain, due to the ease with which they can be cleaned and their resistance to wear. a-Wallpaper coverings; b-Vinyl wall coverings; c-Fabric and textured wall coverings; d-Wall panels

b-Vinyl wall coverings