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What are the 3 components of the accomodation reflex - which muscle does each?

1) Pupils constrict - sphincter pupillae
2) Ocular convergence medial rectus
3) Lens rounding - contraction ciliary muscle


Which CN carries the afferent limb of the accomodation reflex and which the efferent?

Afferent = CN1
Efferent = CN2


In the accommodation reflex is the striate cortex involved?

Yes - afferent part ends here and gives rise to interneuron which synpases with first neuron in efferent part of the reflex


In the accomodation reflex fibres from the striate cortex synapse where?

In the somatic occulomotor nucleus
In the Edinger Westphal (PS) occulomotor nucleus


What happens in the somatic occulomotor nucleus in the accomodation reflex?

Fibres from striate cortex synapse with fibres which travel to medial rectus via CN3


What happens in the Edinger Westphal nucleus in the accomodation reflex?

Fibres from the striate cortex synapse with preganglionic PS fibres which travel to ciliary ganglion via CN3


Which autonomic ganglion of the head is involved in the accomodation reflex?

Ciliary ganglion


What is the nerve supply to sphincter pupillae and ciliary muscle in the accomodation reflex?

Post ganglionic PS fibres carried from ciliary ganglion