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What kind of imaging is used in strokes and why?

Usually CT due to higher availability and speed
Done to exclude haemorrhage and prove ischaemic stroke


What is a lacunar stroke?

Stroke which affects a smaller area - hand and arm affected rather than full hemiparesis


What are the 6 symptoms of cerebellar infract, are they ipsilateral or contralateral? (DANISH)

1) Dysdiadokinesis
2) Ataxia - loss of control of bodily movements
3) Nystagmus
4) Intention tremor
5) Slurred speech
6) Hypotonia - low muscle tone


What would be the main symptoms of a large right sided infarct due to MCA blockage? 4

1) Aphasia - loss of speech
2) Inattention - right side to do with spatial awareness
3) Left sided hemiparesis and hemiarthresia
4) L homogenous hemianopia - loss of left visual field


What would be the clinical presentation of a left cerebellar infarct? 2

1) Inattention
2) Incoordination


If a patient has a internal carotid artery blockage what is the likely prognosis and GCS score?

Very low GCS score
Death is highly likely


What are 2 risk factors for bleeding in the basal ganglia region?

1) Anti coagulants eg. warfarin
2) Bleeding disorders


What 3 symptoms does a subarachnoid haemorrhage present with?

1) Thunderclap headache - horrendous headache, blood irritates the meninges
2) Vomiting
3) Low GCS


What artery is commonly ruptures in extradural haemorrhage?

Middle meningeal artery


How is an extradural haemorrhage treated?

With burr hole surgery


What is the common clinical presentation of an extradural haemorrhage?

Trauma followed by a lucid interval (temporary improvement in patients condition) followed by a loss of conciousness


What is a contre-coup injury?

Get soft tissue injury on one side, hit to that side causes brain to hit opposite side of skull and get bleed on other side of the brain


Subdural haemorrhage is usually caused by what?

Tearing of bridging veins which cross the subdural space


How does a subdural haemorrhage present?

Gradual increase in headache and confusion


Give 3 risk factors for subdural haemorrhage?

1) Elderly
2) Traumatic
3) Alcoholics


If a patient presented with changes in personality and disinhibition, where is the lesion most likely to be?

In the frontal cortex


Infarction of the midbrain would cause what syndrome?

Locked in syndrome


Why is vision and hearing unaffected in a midbrain infarct?

Because CN1 and CN2 come off the brain above the brainstem


A right occipital infarct would cause what syndrome?

Charles Bonnay syndrome - left homonymous hemianopia (primary visual cortex is in the occipital lobe)