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Name two Carbapenem drugs.

1. Imipenem
2. Meropenem


What is the general MOA of Carbapenem drugs (Imipenem and Meropenem)?

- Same as Penicillin
- Bactericidal


How are Carbapenems (Imipenem and Meropenem) administered?

- IV


What spectrum is Imipenem and what is it used to treat?

- Very broad spectrum (Gram +ve, Gram -ve and anaerobic)
- Not active against MRSA

* Treats: severe nosocomial infections


What drug interactions occur with Imipenem?

- Imipenem + Cilastin = block renal metabolism


What spectrum is Meropenem and what is it used to treat?

- Broad

* Meningitis alternative treatment (good CSF penetration)


What are the general side effects of Carbapenems (Imipenem and Meropenem)?

- Hypersensitivity reactions, GIT issues, haematological effects
- CNS effects (penetrates CSF)
- Increases liver enzymes, serum creatinine and urea
- Red discolouration of urine in children
- IV admin: thrombophlebitis, erythema and pain

- Imipenem: seizures