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What are the components of a circulatory system?

The Components of a Circulatory System

  • Heart
  • Blood
  • Vessels 
    • That transport the blood throughout the body 


What is an open circulatory system?

Open Circulatory System

  • Lacks a continous circuit of vessels
  • The heart pumps blood through short vessels that empty into open areas in th body where materials are exchanged with surrounding cells
  • A second set of vessels pick up and return the blood


What is a closed circulatory system?

Closed Circulatory System

  • Closed circulatory systems have a continous vessel system through the organism
  • Nutrients are exchanged with the tissue across the vessel walls 


What is the general structure of the heart?

General Heart Structure

  • The heart has four chambers
  • The chambers separates the oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood
  • The two ventricles of the four-chamber heart pumps blood to either the body (systemic/from the left side) or the lungs (pulmonary/the right side)