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What is B & Better?

Top grade for finish carpentry by the WWPA - Western Wood Products Association


Heartwood comes from which part of the tree? Sapwood comes from which part of the tree?

Hartwood comes from the center of the tree and sapwood from the perimeter


Fingerjointed is usually less...

... Expensive


What are three ways to cut solid stock? Which one is the most efficient? Which one tends to twist and cup the least? Which is the most expensive?

Plane sawing (most efficient), Quarter sewing (most resistant to twisting), And rift sawing (most vertical grain and most waste)


What is a stair's ledger?

It holds up the carriage, or stringer,


Which kind of veneer slicing produces the most veneer with the least amount of waste?

Rotary slicing


What is half – round slicing?

Can you cut the log in half, and then you cut the veneer along the growth rings


What is rift slicing?

You quarter the log, and then you cut at a 15° angle to the growth rings ... why do you do this? To eliminate the markings caused by medullary rays perpendicular to the growth rings


What's the difference between a rabbet, a dado, and a dovetail?

A rabbet is a butt joint with a lap on the end.

A dado is a butt joint into the end of a plane of wood.

A dovetail is confusing to describe ... It's a rhombus stuck into a wedge groove


What is a scribe piece?

An oversized piece of plastic laminate or wood that can be trimmed in the field… It follows the irregularities of the wall so that you can fit something like a countertop perfectly against the wall


What is the difference between flush, flush overlay, and reveal overlay?

Flash is when the doors are flush with the peace between the doors… Flush overlay is when two doors are separated by the teeny-weeny space between them and flush with each other… Reveal overlay is when there is a reveal between those two doors


What is the difference between bookmatching and flip matching?

In placing the nearest… In bookmatching as veneers are sliced every other pieces turned over so that the adjacent leaves for me symmetrical green pattern

... In slip matching consecutive pieces are placed with front faces so that each face is about the same


What is the difference between a balance match and a center match?

A balance match just means that there are equal widths of veneer… A center match means that there is a veneer joint in the center of the panel (there is an even number of veneer leaves of uniform width)


What is a warehouse match, a sequence match, and a blueprint match?

Always to panel a veneered room.

A warehouse match book matches you single flitch around obstructions in the room, resulting in some loss of grain continuity.

A sequence matched uses panels of uniform width made for a specific job. There is some loss in grain continuity.

A blueprint match has panels made to fit precisely in the room and lineup with every obstruction so that grain continuity is never interrupted. Doors, cabinets, and other items included.


What is high – pressure decorative laminate (HDPL)?

Hot pressed paper with the patterned or colored sheet over that and a layer of melamine resin over that


Where would you use a static – dissipative laminate?

In hospitals or electronic plants or computer rooms… Where static control is required


What is a colorthrough laminate?

They have decorative papers throughout the sickness so that the resulting sheet is a solid color


What is thermoset decorative paneling?

And overlay of thermoset polyester melamine resin impregnated saturated sheet onto particleboard


What is the difference between standing trim and running trim?

Standing trim is intended to be installed as a single piece of wood whereas running trim is a continuing link that must be installed in several pieces fit end to end


What is the optimum voice your content for architectural woodwork for interiors? To maintain this you need a relative humidity between…

From 5% to 10%... You need a relative humidity between 25% and 55%


What is a catalyzed lacquer?

It has an extra ingredient to speed up drying time and give additional hardness


Qualities of polyurethane

Synthetic finish, durable, difficult to repair or refurbish, superior resistance to water, chemicals, and abrasion