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What does tooling a brick joint do?

Decorative effect and increases water-tightness of joint by compressing near the edge.


What are the three recommended tooling types for mortar joints in brick?

Concave, flush, and vee


What is the maximum allowable length two with ratio for a single–wythe while?



What is a brick cavity wall?

To wythes of brick separated by an airspace


What is a reinforced grouted wall and how is it different from a cavity wall?

It is the same as a cavity wall that filled with grout… Able to carry heavier loads


Describe a brick veneer wall.

A single wythe of brick attached to some other kind of construction


What is efflorescence?

White deposits of water soluble salts on the service of brick… Not harmful


How often do you need a weep pole?

Every 24"


What is the process to fix mortar that is falling out?

Tuck point or re-point


How do you separate solid versus hollow CMU's?

Solid is more than 75% solid and hollow is less than that


With the CMU what is equivalent thickness?

Pretend there are no holes and use the same amount of material


What is the equivalent thickness of an 8 inch thick concrete block that is 60% solids?

Actual thickness is 7 5/8. Equivalent thickness is then:

7 5/8" x 0.6 = 4.58"


Gypsum block

Non really used anymore... Blocks of solid gypsum for interior walls


Terra cotta is for...

Cladding an decoration


Tell me about the difference between rubble, squared stone, and ashlar

Rubble: with little or no shaping

Squared stone: let me shaped edges resulting in vertical joints

Ashlar: highly shaped, cut stone


Tell me about the difference between range masonry, broken range masonry, and random masonry

Range masonry is arranged in uniform courses, broken range has courses for short distances, and random is devoid of coursing


What is a honed finish?

Satin smooth with little or no gloss


What is the sandblasted finish?

Matt textured surface, no glass, recommended for exterior


What is a shot – ground finish for granite?

With circular markings are trails with no regular pattern


What is a chat – sawed finish for limestone? What is a shot - sawed finish?

Chat : Course, pebbled surface
Shot : course, and even finish from a pebbled to a rippled with parallel grooves


What is a plucked limestone finish?

Rough texture produced by rough planing the surface


What is the difference between split face and rockface limestone?

Both have rough, uneven, concave – convex finishes... In rockface the stone has been dressed by machine or hand to produce bold convex projections