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What is the scratch coat?

The first coat of plaster


What is the second coat of plaster called? What about the last coat?

The brown coat and the finish coat... These are combined in two-coat work


What is type X gypsum wallboard used for?

Fire rated partitions


What is Keene's cement?

A plaster particularly resistant to abrasion and water penetration

lime putty for hard, water resistant finish


What is the common spacing for wood studs? For metal studs?

16 for wood and 24 for metal


What are the four finishing beads for gyp board? Which one does not require finishing with joint compound

LC bead, L bead, LK bead, and U bead (also allied J bead)... This one doesn't require finishing with joint compound


Describe glass reinforced gypsum

Stronger because it is reinforced with continuous-filament glass fibers. Manufactured by pouring into molds. Lots of decorative products.


What is quarry tile?

Made by extrusion process of from natural clay or shale


What is tile under 6 in²?

Mosaic tile


What is glazed or unglazed nonmosaic tile made by extrusion?

Quarry tile


What is dust-pressed tile over 6 in²?

Paver tile


Tell me about tile resistance to water absorption

Nonvitreous: absorbs over 7%
Semivitreous: absorbs between 3% and 7%
Vitreous: absorbs between 0.5% and 3%
Impervious: absorbs less than 0.5%


How is abrasion resistance for tile classified?

Group I is lowest resistance
Group IV is highest


The difference between a full mortar bed and a thinset bed for tile

Full mortar you lay a sheet of plastic below the mortar to allow the mortar and tile too be independently. This is the more durable method and also makes up for irregularities in the wall or floor

Thinset you put on a cementitous board nailed to substrate and you need completely level, smooth subfloor.


4 types of terrazzo

Standard: pieces less than 3/8"
Venetian: pieces larger than 3/8"
Palladiana: random thin fractured slabs of marble with terrazzo between
Rustic: matrix is depressed to expose the chips


What is the best installation method for terrazzo to avoid cracking?

Sand cushion


For terrazzo installation what if you're not too worried about movement and cracking?

Use the bonded method


For terrazzo what if thickness is an issue?

Install with thinset or monolithic method


Three stones commonly used for flooring

Granite, marble, and slate


If above the ceiling is a return air plenum, wiring above an acoustical ceiling has to be...

Run through metal conduit


How thick should acoustical material be in order to be effective?



What is the difference between strip and plank flooring?

Strip is less than 3" inches wide (usually 2.5")

Plank width is between 3.25" and 8"


What is the difference between block flooring and solid block flooring?

Block flooring refers to preassembled units of wood patterns (like herringbone), installed in sheets

Whereas... Solid block flooring refers to the heavy-duty solid end grain up flooring used in industrial applications


What is palm wood?

From the palm tree, byproduct from commercial coconut plantations.


How much space do you need for movement at the edges of a wood-floored room?



How do you make a wood floor more resilient and comfortable underfoot?

Install it on sleepers or resilient pads


What is laminate flooring?

Clear later over a printed melamine-impregnated sheet heated onto a high density fiberboard


What is the difference between vinyl flooring and vinyl composition flooring?

The composition tile has fillers that decrease the % of polyvinyl chloride making it less durable and less abrasion-resistant but also less expensive !


What are some disadvantages of rubber flooring?

It's comfortable, quiet, and resilient... But not resistant to oils and grease, easily damaged by indentation of small objects.


What is battleship linoleum?

Single color


What is linoleum?

Linseed oil and pigments over a burlap or asphalt-saturated felt backing


Disadvantages of cork flooring

Not resistant to staining, moisture, heavy loads


What is seamless flooring?

Resinous matrix applied in liquid/viscous form... Troweled on or poured for a super resistant and durable floor

One example is exposure terrazzo which is subsequently ground down again


Difference between nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene carpets

Nylon: durable, easy to clean, and ugly
Acrylic: less durable but looks more like wool
Polypropylene: for indoor-outdoor. Ugly but resistant to abrasion


What is tufting?

Inserting pile yarns through a prewoven backing... Leave it as a level loop or shave it for a cut pile carpet


What is the most expensive way to produce carpet?

Traditional weaving warp answer yarns... Very durable


What is needlepunching?

Pulling carpet through backing with barbed needles


What is fusion bonding?

Embedding fabric in a synthetic backing


What is the pitch of carpet? What is the stitch?

Pitch is the # of warp lines in 27 in²

Stitch is the number of lengthwise tufts in 1" linear

The higher the pitch and stitch the more dense


What does cushioning do for carpet?

Increases lifespan, more resiliency, better sound absorption, less impact noise, potentially better thermal qualities


4 types of carpet cushions

Felt, sponge rubber, urethane, and foam rubber


What does the ASTM D-2859 Standard Test for Flammability of Finish Textile Floor Coverings (or methenamine pill test) measure?

Distance a 9 in² carpet burns when a methenamine is dropped in the center. If it gets to 1" of the edge it fails


Describe the vehicle, the binder, and the solvent in paint

The vehicle is the liquid, the binder is the actual film of the coating, and the solvent dissolves the binder to allow for application. Then the solvent dries.


What is the body of most quality paints?

Titanium oxide


You can't usually use clear coatings for

Exterior applications of paint


What can you use for very durable painted applications?

Epoxy (noxious) or urethane (which can be graffiti resistant and can be high gloss)


What does plaster mean in Greek?

To mold


What is bonding plaster?

Used on interior concrete walls and ceilings


What is acoustic plaster?

That's pretty obvious isn't it?


If your concrete wall needs plaster but doesn't have a sufficiently rough porous surface to provide a good bond, what can you do?

You'll have to put lath spread over the surface, on furring channels, prior to plastering


Metal lath types

Diamond extended mash, flat rib lath, high rib lath, self erring paperbacked lath


What is lathing board?

Gypsum mixed with water, hardened and dried, and sandwiched between two sheets of heavy porous paper, which provides adhesion for the plaster


What is the difference between a base and a base screed?

Both plaster trim pieces, a base screed bends back to the surface of the wall, creating a reveal


What is a window stool?

Hey plaster trim piece which stops the plaster right below a window sill and continues over that sill


What is veneer plaster?

Specially formulated dance plaster applied in a thin coat over gypsum lath


How thick is the scratch coat? What's the ratio sand to plaster?

2:1, 1/4"


How thick is the brown coat? What's the ratio sand to plaster?

3:1, 1/4"


How thick is the finish coat? What's the ratio sand to plaster?

1.5:1, 1/8"


Characteristics of glazed interior tile

None vitreous, made by the dust-pressed process, used for interior surface applications


Characteristics of glazed weatherproof tile

Semi vitreous or vitreous, maybe use for moderate where on the exterior


Characteristics of ceramic mosaic tile

Generally unglazed, semi vitreous, and less then 6 in.² in area


Quarry tile, characteristics of

Unglazed units, made by the plastic process, nearly in pervious to moisture, dirt, and stains. Weatherproof, durable, and suitable for heavy duty wear.


What are wood sleepers?

Horizontal members that elevate the finish floor above the subfloor below


Wide planks are susceptible to warpage and therefore they are often…

Screwed to the subfloor through the face of the plank, which is then plugged and finished smooth


Solid block flooring is usually treated in…

Creosote against moisture and decay, add coated in bitumous material


Parquet flooring

Prefabricated Square is measuring about 9 to 12 in.², with square or tongue and groove edges.


Building brick is usually too _____ for most interior floors



How thick is stone for flooring?

1 inch


What is the definition of terrazzo?

Marble chips in a cement or synthetic resin binder, ground and polished to a smooth finish


About how thick is terrazzo?

5/8"... Installed over 2 1/2 inch thick concrete setting bed


What are magnesite seamless floors?

Made from a composition of magnesium oxide, sand, and magnesium chloride, forming a plastic material that is traveled to a smooth finish. The finish surface ranges from 1/2 to 1 inch thick, and may be applied directly over wood, concrete, or flat steel decking. Used in schools, offices, and industrial buildings. Relatively inexpensive.


What are elastomeric floors?

Clear urethane resin supplied of a liquid over and elastomer underlayment. Hard, durable, and relatively easy to maintain.


What are paint – type floor finishes?

Synthetic resin, be epoxy, urethane, polyester, etc., and an activator. Apply directly to concrete, wood, or metal to produce an exceptionally hard, durable, where resistant, easily maintained, greaseproof floor finish.


Name five types of resilient flooring

1. Vinyl: available in sheet or tile. Very resilient, durable, resistant to indentations, oil, butter, and easy to maintain. Moderately expensive.

2. Asphalt tile: relatively inexpensive, very durable, Lex resilience.

3. Linoleum: durable, resilient, easily maintained, and relatively inexpensive, considering it's a long life. Unsuitable below grade were in the presence of subsurface moisture.

4. Rubber flooring: now made of synthetic rubber. Durable, elastic, quiet underfoot, Easley clean, and moderately expensive. It cannot resist oils are graces.

5. Court: available in sheet for tile. Synthetic resident binder and surface. Highly resilient, resisting to staining, durable, easily maintained. Excellent acoustical properties.


What is the most significant element in a carpets lifespan?

The longer and denser the pile, the longer the life of the carpet... And cushions underneath help


What are acoustical tiles made of?

Wood, mineral, or glass fibers with perforated, textured, or pattern services that allow sound to penetrate


What about acoustical panels is different than acoustical tiles?

Acoustical panels are made of perforated steel, aluminum, fiberboard, are hardboard, backed with the soft sound absorbing bath or blanket. They are permanent and far more durable than tiles.


What are pigments?

Finally ground solids, held in suspension by the vehicle


Paints vehicles consist of what two things?

The binder forming the paint film and the solvent controlling consistency


What are enamels?

Pigmented paints using varnish is the vehicle. Hard, to film, durable and resistant to weathering.


What is baked enamel?

Always factory applied, they require a controlled temperature of between 300°F and 200°F to harden. Hard durable washable resistant to most mild chemicals.


Bitumous coatings are made from…

Coal tar pitch and asphalt

Coal tar pitch: melted to a fluid for application. Protects metal by dipping. Applied hot or cold and used as waterproofing agent.

Asphalt coatings: available of paints, enamels, and emotions. More weather resistant and less affected by temperature extremes than coal tar products. For dampproofing and waterproofing work.


Rust-preventive paints and primers usually include what material?

Zinc… Or sometimes Portland cement