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What is the hinge jam end the strike jam?

The hinge Janet side of the gym where the hinges are the strike jam is the other side


What does it mean to be reversible or non-handed?

These terms refers to hardware that can work on any hand of door


What are flush doors?

Smooth surface on both sides


What are sash doors?

They contain one or more glass lites


What are louvered doors?

Louvers to provide ventilation


Describe a hollow metal door

Faced with coldrolled sheet steel, the core is honey come craft paper, steel ribs, hardboard or other materials. The edges are made of steel channels with the locations for hardware reinforced with heavier gauge steel


What is a knockdown frame?

Where the two jam sections in the head section are shipped as three pieces to the site


What is the kind of glass used in glass doors?

1/2" tempered glass


What is the advantage of revolving doors?

Allowing large numbers of people to pass in and out


Tell me what full mortise, half mortise, half surface, and full surface hinges are

Full mortise has both sides of the hinge mortised. Half mortise has the door side mortised and the jam side on the surface. Have surface has the surface side mortised and the door side on the surface. Full-service is all sides surfaced.


What kind of hinges can you use with low – frequency doors? But with high-frequency doors?

Standard-weight, plain-bearing hinges... Heavyweight, ball bearing hinges


Two kinds of special hinges

A barrel hinge and a swing clear hinge


Rule of thumb for sizing the width of a hinge

With equals twice the door thickness


What does a latchset do?

It holds the door in place with no provision for locking whereas a lock set has a special mechanism allowing the door to be locked with the key or thumb turn


Name and describe the four types of latches and locks.

Mortise: allows the use of a deadbolt with the latch bolt, both of which can be retracted with a single operation. Installed in a rectangle or form inside the side of the door.

Preassembled: they come as a complete set, our little used but found an older buildings

Bored: installed by boring holes to the face of the door and from the edge. If you were operating functions that mortise locks.

Interconnected: includes a cylindrical lock and deadbolt. The two locks are interconnected so that a single action of turning the knob or lever releases both bolts


What does backset mean? And what is a standard range for backsets?

This is the distance from the edge of the door to the centerline of the doorknob. Standard backsets range between 2 3/4" - 5"


How does panic hardware work?

A push bar extends across the width of the door, operating vertical rods the disengage latches at the top and bottom of the door


What do door closers do?

They automatically close the door after it is opened. And control the distance a door can be opened


What are astragals?

Vertical members used between double doors to seal the opening, active the doorstop, or provide extra security


What is a door coordinator?

A device at the head of the door that coordinates the closing sequence of the two doors so that the astragal door side doesn't close first, preventing the other leaf from shutting


What is a flush bolt used for?

Installed on an inactive door in a two door system, it allows one door to be opened and closed independently


What is an automatic door bottom?

Mortised or surface mounted to the bottom of the door, they provide a light or sound seal. When the door closes a plunger strikes the jam enforces the seal down.


What is the difference between an electric lock and an electric latch?

In an electric lock, a regulating device signals a mortise or bored lockset to signal a release. In an electric latch, a device signals the latch to pivot slightly allowing the door to be opened. The advantage here is that only the jamb needs to be wired, not the door.


Electric boats, on the other hand, cannot be used for…

Exit doors


Why would you use a magnetic hold – open device?

So that doors can be open all the time but close automatically upon activation by a smoke detector


What is the material required for the hardware on exit door hardware?

Steel or stainless steel


If a firewall a barrier is required to be four hours what is the required door assembly rating?

Three hours


If a firewall a barrier is required to be 3 hours what is the required door assembly rating?

Three hours


If a firewall a barrier is required to be two hours what is the required door assembly rating?

1 1/2 hours


If a firewall a barrier is required to be 1.5 hours what is the required door assembly rating?

1.5 hours


Operating devices on doors must be installed a minimum of how many inches and a maximum of how many inches above the finish floor?



Why are glass has a fire rating of how many minutes?



How much glass can you put in a door with the fire rating of 20 minutes?

As much as you want


How much glass can you put in an exit access door with 3/4 hour fire rating?

1296 in.²


How much grass can you put in a one hour rated exit passageway?

100 in.²


The minimum width, clear of hardware, of an open door must be how many inches?



What two types of wood are wooden windows usually made out of?

Pine and fir


What are clad wood windows?

The exterior portions are covered with metal


What kinds of glass are allowable in a skylight?

Wire glass or laminated glass


What do skylights need around them for drainage?

A condensate gutter and weep holes


What is float glass?

This is the vast majority of glass produced in the US. Made by pouring molten glass on a bed of molten tin and allowing it to cool forming a smooth flat surface. Also called annealed glass.


How do you make heat – strengthened glass?

Like annealed glass, but do you heat it all the way up to 1100°F and cool it slowly


What is tempered glass?

Annealed glass that is heated to 1150°F then cooled quickly. This glass is considered safety glass because it breaks into thousands of very small pieces instead of dangerous shards.


What is laminated glass? What are two advantages?

Two or more pieces of glass bonded by and interlayer of polyvinyl butyral resin. This interlayer holds the pieces together even when severely cracked. It can be bullet resistance and provides high-security. Also considered safety glazing that can be used in hazardous locations.

Additionally it provides sound control.


What is tinted glass used for?

To reduce the seller transmittance of the glass, reducing air-conditioning loads in hot environments


Why can't tinted glass be partially shaded?

The differential expansion may crack the glass. Because of this tinted glasses often heat strengthened or tempered.


What is the solar heat gain coefficient?

The ratio of the solar heat gain through glazing compared to the solar radiation incident on the glazing. It is a value between 0.0 and 0.87.


What does low iron glass?

The reduction in iron takes away the light green cast to ordinary clear float glass. It offers exceptional clarity, optima light transmission, and excellent color transmission.


What is reflective glass?

And extremely thin layer of metal or metallic oxide on the inside of the exterior light of glass.


Wired glass cannot be…

Tempered and therefore does not qualify as safety glazing for hazardous locations.


What is low emissivity glass?

A very thin coating of metal or metal oxide on the surface selectively reflects and transmits certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum


Electrochromic glazing

Refers to glass that changes from a dark or milky white opaque to a trans-parents state with the application of an electric current. And the current is on, the glasses transparent


What can't electrochromic glazing do?

Become totally opaque and therefore it cannot offer privacy


What does suspended particle device glazing do?

It can appear clear, partially darkened, and totally opaque. It is controlled with the rheostat.


What is polymer dispersed liquid crystal film glazing?

A polymer film between two pieces of glass. It ranges from transparent to cloudy white.


Five ways to create fire rated glazing.

1. Wire glass
2. Clear ceramic glass. It has a higher impact resistance and a low expansion coefficient.
3. Tempered fire protective glass
4. Two or three layers of tempered glass with a clear polymer gel between them. When heated that Gelfoam send turns opaque, thus retarding the passage of heat.
5. Some glass block


What are structural glazing gaskets?

Rigid strips of neoprene specifically designed to hold glass


What is tempered glass have the highest adjustment factor for when loading on exteriors?

The adjustment factor is 4... Because it is safety glass that breaks into little pieces


If it is left the 9 ft.² does it need to be safety glazing?



If it is less than 24" from a door does it need to be safety glazing?



If the bottom is greater than 18" AFF does it need to be safety glazing?