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What is the history of the CEAA?

Introduced as Bill C-78 in '90
Bill C-13 royal assesnt in '92
Amended Bill C-56 '94
CEAA brought into force '95
Bill C-19 ammend CEAA in '01
Bill C-9 Ammend CEAA royal assent '12 Harper biffed it.


What are the guiding principles of the CEAA?

-Achieve sustainable development
-integrate Enviro factors into planning and decision
-Anticipate and prevent degradation of Enviroment
-Facilitate public involvement


What 4 questions are asked to determine if a EA is required?

1. Is there a project?
2. Is the project excluded?
3. Is there Federal Authority?
4. Is there a trigger?


What are 5 types of federal EA?

1. Screening
2. Class screening
3. Comprehensive study
4. Mediation
5. Review Panel


What changes were made in 2012?

-Substitution and equivalency provisions
-Changes to federal triggers and timelines
-removing the requirements for federal environmental assessment at screeneing level
-Reduction to 3 "responsible authorities"


Under old CEAA when would an EA occur? (4)

Fed authority proposed a project
Fed authority granted money
fed auth sold, leased or disposed of land
Fed authotiry exercised a regulatory function over a project


What is equivalency?

A federal EA is not conducted, instead an equivalent EA is done by the province


What is a substitution?

A Provincial EA is done istead of a federl EA but the federal minister reatains the decision making authority


Which projects cannot be substituted?

Projects conducted by the NEB or Canadion Nuclear Safety Commission and any projects reffered by the minister to review Panels


What are the 3 resposnsible authorities under CEAA 2012?

CDN Nuclear Safety Comm.


What are the 2 types of E under CEAA?

1. Environmental assessment by a responsible authority
2. EA by a Review Panel


What are the timelines?

-Agency 45 days to approve federal EA or not
-EA conducted in 365 days
- reffered to review panel within 60 days
-review panel has 24 months to do an EA