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What are the key issues to be considered when planning a public ivolvement

-Who should be involved?
-Identification of Appropriate type and scope of public involvement
-how public should be involved
-When and where it should occur
-How results from Involvement will be used in EA decision making
-Identification of necessary or available resources to implement public involvment program


What is "Informing" the public

simply disclosing info to the public. is not sufficient form of public involvement on its own


What is "consulting" the public?

Providing opportunity for info exchange and is designed to canvass stakeholder views on proposed project and its impacts


What is "paticipation" public involvement

Engages the public in a more interactive manner and attempts to establish areas of agreement and disagreement and the reaching of common positions


What is "Negotiation" in public involvement

Mechanism for alternative dispute resolution based upon joint fact-finding, consensus building, and mutual accommodation of different interest.

face-to-face discussion between proponent and key stakeholders


how should methods for public involvemnet be structured?

1. Suits the social environment and, whenever possible,
2. should target particular groups


What should be taken into consideration when selecting public involvement techniques?

-Degree of interaction requires between participant
-Extent to which participants are able to influence decisions
-Stage of the EA at which public invovlement will occur
-time available for involvement
- # of participants and thier interests
- complexity and controversy of the issues


What are the Different Techniques to inform the public?

2. Newsletters
3. Unstaffed exhibits/displays
4. Local newspaper articles
5. National Newspaper articles
6. Internet


What are common methods used in public consult?

1. Staffed Exhibits/ displays
2.Staffed telephone lines
3. Public meetings
4. Surveys, interviews and questionnaires
5. Site visits
6. workshops
7. open-houses


What is stakeholder dialogue?

An informal version of negotiation, mediation, and/ or dispute resolution that focuses on sharing info and views to find win-win solutions


What is a downfall of public involvement?

CAn be costly and time-consuming, sometimes poorly planned. public consultation is seen by regulators as inadequate or non-existent, the project may be subject to delay, adding expense
Only those with scientific or technical backgrounds are able to make positive contributions
public tends to be more sensitive than professionals.
limiting people in decisionmaking is more efficient


What are benefits of Public involvement?

-Sources of knowledge (corrective/creative)
-Affirmation of democracy and elimination of hostolity, lack of faith, alienation
-informed public
-identification of diff POV's
-better decision making


What are BCEAA Provisions for Public consultation regulation?

-Information sharing
- Public participation and consultation
- issue resolution
-reporting of public issues