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What are mine tailings?

They consist of ground rock and process effluents that are generted in a mine processing plant


How are mine tailings produced?

Mechanical and chemical processes are used to extract the desired product from the run of the mine ore and produce a waste stream known as tailings


How much tailings can individual mines produce per day?

200,000 tons


What is the most important source of environmental impact for many mining operations

Mine tailings


What is the process of concentration within the mining operation?

Extracting the product from crushed and ground ore, the waste from this process is the tailings


What is froth floatation?

The most widely used concentration method, first step in the mineral processing sequence where chemical agents are introduced. the uneconomical metals, minerals, chemicals, organics and process water are discharged into a final storage area


What does TSF and TMF stand for?

Tailings Storage Facility and Tailings Management Facility


WHy was Morrison mine project refused an EA certificate? why overturned?

project adjacent to morrison lake, headwaters of skeena. (second largest producer of sockeye) EAO minister decision: impacts unique salmon, long term liability for prov with enviro impacts, diminishing water quality unacceptable.
Risk/benefit approach speculated unlikely effects and the judge allowed for re-apply


Who is responsible for preparing the EA report?

The proponent


4 primary objectives of an EA review

1. Assess the quality and completeness of the EA report
2.Provide an opportunity for public involvement
3. Assess if sufficient info is provided to make a final decision
4. ID any deficiencies that need to be addressed before the final decision


What does the EA report need to satisfy?

1. Compliance with TOR
2. Completeness (all major components)
3. Accurate and technically sound information
4. All stake holders involved?
5.Key findings complete and satisfactory?
6. Clear and understandable presentation of info?
7. Relevant and sufficient info for decision making


What 2 primary types of procedures are used in an EA review?

1. internal review- undertaken by responsible gov agency
2.External review- undertaken by and independant body


compare and contrast

Internal is not as formal as external, internal has lower operating costs but lower quality assurance. Internal is less transparent and lacks documentation while external follows guidelines and criteria


What are the aspects to consider in a comprehensive EA review?

1. aspect
2.scoping performance
3.Accuracy of predict impact
4. Criteria used to evaluate
5. Analysis of alternatives
6. Effectiveness of mitigation measures proposed
7. monitoring and impact mgmt requirements
8. methods of public and stakeholder involvement


What methods are used to review EA reports?

Procedure checklists
EA review framework
Expert review
public hearings
Comprehnsive reviews


Describe the initial review process

Proponent submits application to EAO, then 30 days to ensure application contains required info