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What are the primary objectives of EA monitoring?

1. Confirm the conditions of the project approval are being implemented
2. VErify that impacts are within the predicted limits
3. Act upon unanticipated impacts or changes
4. maximize environmental benefits through BMP
5. implement adaptive management


What components are included in EA implementation and follow-up programs

1. Surveillance and supervision
2. Monitoring
4. Evaluation
5. Post-project analysis


What are 3 types of monitoring



What are 4 types of audits?

Implementation audits
impact audits
compliance audits
Effectiveness or policy audits


What is ISO 14000?

Family that addresses various aspects of environmental management. provides tools for companies nd organization looking to control their environmental impact and improve environmental performance


What 3 questions should be asked when executing and EA implementation?

What is required?
Who will carry out the activities?
how will the program be executed?


What can monitoring be used for?

-Establish baseline conditions and trends
-Measure impacts during the construction
-Check compliance
-Serve to warn again unexpected impacts
-Assess accuracy of predictions


What are the 6 conditions for approval for an EMP

1. Monitoring of major impacts
2. ID of monitoring objectives
3. How monitoring will be carried out
4. How collected data will be used
5. How unanticipated impacts or increases will be addressed
6. public involvement


What should be considered when developing an EMP?

-Representative reference and impact sites
-sampling methods
-Indie data quality control
-ID of stats interpretation
-Enviro auditing protocols
-Data reporting and response to issues raised


How are EA audits and EMS audits different?

EA- related audits are typically project-specific and use non-standardized methods
EMS-Conducted according to ISO 14001 procedures and guidelines


What are EA-related audits used for?

-ID impacts associated with implementation
-Verify the conditions of approval are in practice
-VErify the accuracy of impacts
-Verify mitigation effectiveness
-Improve performance and compliance practices


What do EMS audits include?

Site audits
Compliance audits
Sector or issue specific audits


What do EA-related audits include?

Implementation audits
impact audits
compliance audits
effectiveness or policy audits