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Define: Environment

1.The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.
2. The Natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographic area, especially as affected by human activity


Define: Environmental Assessment

A process that aims to identify potential environmental impacts of a project or an action


What is the main purpose of EA?

To provide decision-makers with information on potential effects of projects or actions on the environment
To promote sustainable and environmentally sound development through the identification of appropriate measures


What was Charles Sanders Peirce famous for?

Being the father of pragmatism. American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist.


What are the 4 principle ways of "knowing"

1. Tenacity- The way it has always been done
2.Authority- the pope says its so
3. Correspondance with a priori beliefs- innate
4. Verification- The scientific method


What are Controversy and Argumentation?

Controversy is a genuine difference of opinions. Argumentation takes place under conditions of uncertainty. Arguers have a common goal to find the best possible decision under the circumstances. but risk being wrong and losing face


What are intrinsic and extrinsic values?

Intrinsic: has a value in itself, irrespective of other things.
Extrinsic: has a value in the context of other things


What is anthropocentric?

Humans are the centre of moral consideration and are more worthy than other species


What is Biocentric?

All species have intrinsic value and humans are unique but no more valuable than other species


What is Ecocentric?

Similar to biocentric, but stresses the importance of interdependant ecological functions, such as productivity and nutrient cycling


What is the importance of distribution (equity)

how benefits and costs are shared. environmental value/production vs. human development needs


What is uncertainty?

Conclusions arrived at inductively are uncertain, thier veracity is probabilistic. Incomplete knowledge of natural processes; natural variability in space and time...