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What is the first step of BCEAA

Determine if the EA Act Applies to the project.
3 ways:
1. Falls within category of reviewable projects
2. ministerial designation for projects
3. proponent opt in


What is step 2 of BCEAA?

Determine the review path
in most cases, EAO will lead and manage EA


What is step 3 of BCEAA?

Determine how assessment will be conducted (scope and procedures)


What is step 4 of BCEAA?

Develop and approve Application Information Requirement for the application
-identifies information proponent must provide in the application for an EA certificate


What is step 5 of BCEAA?

Prepare and Submit the application


What is step 6 of BCEAA?

Review the application
-gov has 180 from the date tehe EAO notifies the proponents of acceptance


What is Step 7 of BCEAA?

Prepare the assessment report and refer application to ministers
- EAO prepares assessment report within 180 day time limit. how issues have been or could be adressed.
Submited to ministers


what is step 8 of BCEAA?

Decide to issue/ not issue an EA certificate
45 days to decide whether or not EA certificate should be issued.
certificateusually contains project-specific conditions.
substantial start within 5 years


What are the 5 related regulations?

1. Reviewable Projects regualtion
2. Time Limits Regulation
3. Public Consultation Policy Regulation
4. Concurrent Approval Regulation
5. Transition Regulation


WHat is the reveiwable projects regulation?

Identifies the types of projects that trigger an EA.
includes both new projects and the modification of existing projects


What is prescribed time limits regulation

Requires that certain stages of the process must be carried out within a specified time


What is Public consultation policy regulation?

Guides how public consultation should occur during EA Process
Providing public notice, ensuring access to info, establishing public comment periods, holding open house forums


What is concurrent approval regualtion?

Process that allows proponents to apply to have other agencies consider applications for provincil permits and authorizations at the same time EA is being undertaken.


WHat is Transition regulation?

sets out transition rules for projects that have already been granted certain provincial permits and authorizations, but would have otherwise required an EA


What 8 types of projects are reviewable?

1.Industrial :Chemical, primary metal and forest project industries
2.Energy: Power plants, Electric transmission lines, natural gas, pipelines
3.Water management: diversions, dams, dykes, extraction
4.Waste disposal: waste facilities, local solid and liquid waste
5.Mine projects
6. Food processing
7. Transportation
8. Tourist destination resorts


What are examples of industrial thresholds?

new facility that has a production capacity of >100,000 tonnes per year
Produces "dangerous goods" capacity >5,000 tonnes per year


What are examples of mine project thresholds?

Coal mine >250,000 tonnes/year
minerals >75,0000 tonnes/year
sand/gravel >500,000 tonnes/ year


What are Examples of Energy projects Thresholds?

New facility of >50 MW power production
Transmission lines >40 km in length on new right of way
Natural gas plant 2 tonnes/day
pipelines diameter of 60km


What are examples of Water management thresholds?

Dams higher than 15 m. or resevoir containing >10 million m3 above the natural boundary.
dykes : protects from flooding an area of >10km2