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Guidance for the use of the CG-22 tracking system can be found where?

NATEC website Deficiency Report
pg. 1-1


How does the TCTO process starts?

With an idea
pg. 1-3


Who can approve or disapprove a TCTO from being developed?

pg. 2-1


Any TCTO requiring compliance beyond ______ days shall be considered an SCTO

pg. 3-1


How are TCTO numbered?

First character shall always be a T, next two indicate the ATA chapter and the 4th and 5th is the sequential TO within ATA-100 category.
pg. 5-1


Referencing numbers from zero through nine will always be spelled out, what are the exceptions?

Except for time, measurements and money
pg. 5-3


What is required for each TCTO/SCTO that affects aircraft weight and balance or weight and balance records maintenance?

A grounding discrepancy be entered in the aircraft logbook.
pg. 6-2


Who is responsible for making appropriate adjustments to the weight and balance documentation and clearing the grounding discrepancy?

Weight and Balance Official
pg. 6-2


If the weight change is 0.1 percent of basic weight or less and/or any moment change which moves the center of gravity 0.1 percent of the MAC or 0.1 inch for rotorcraft what comment is entered in DD form 365-1?

Negligible Change
pg. 6-2


How is a weight and balance recalculation requirement entered?

Entered as a caution on the TCTO cover sheet.
pg. 6-2


ACCB Phase 1 approval authorizes what?

TCTO Development, installation and evaluation of a prototype by the Product Line Manager.
pg. 1-3


ACCB Phase 2 approval authorizes what?

TCTO final phase, funding and considered for fleetwide implementation.
pg. 1-3