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How do u use Calcium Hypochlorite?

-Add Calcium Hypochlorite from one ampule in half full canteen cup and stir w/stick until power is dissolved
-Leave 1 inch of airspace or more
-Than fill cap half full of solution and add the water
-Place cap on canteen,shake well
-Loosen cap/tip canteen for leakage around threads
-Tighten cap,wait 30 mins before using for cooking/drinking


How do Boiling water for drinking?

-Used when purification compounds are unavailable
-Disadvantages: fuel to boil water
-takes awhile to boil than cool
-needs protection against recontamination
-Must be boiled for at least 15 sec for safe drinking


What is the size of a Cat Hole?

-1ft wide x 1ft deep
-Used on the march


What is the size of a Straddle Trench?

-4ft long x 2 1/2 ft deep x 1ft wide
-Used for 1-3 days of bivouac sites