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What is the need/demand for evidence-based practice?

Patients are increasingly demanding practitioners use the most effective interventions for a faster and/or most cost-effective recovery; third-party payers are demanding that health care providers use the most cost-effective interventions


What is evidence-based practice?

a method if integrating the best available evidence and patients' values into the scientist-practitioner's clinical decision-making.


What are the first two major levels of the evidence hierarchy?

1a. systematic reviews and meta-analyses of RCTs 1b. single RCT studies 1c. all-or-none studies 2a. systematic reviews of cohort study 2b. individual cohort study or low-quality RCT 2c. outcomes research


What are the last three major levels of the evidence hierarchy?

3a. Systematic review of case-controlled study 3b. individual case-controlled study 4. case series and poor quality cohort and case-control studies 5. expert opinion without explicit critical appraisal


What four considerations need to be addressed to assist the S-P in formulating the patient care question?

(PICO) Patient characteristics, Intervention, Comparative intervention, and Outcomes


How is construct validity determined?

By how well the study controls for experimental bias and expectations


What 3 criteria are included in a good operation definition of the IV or DV?

1. measurable, 2. clear, 3. complete


With what is internal validity concerned?

how well a study design controls factors or variables other than the intervention or IV for its influence on the study's results


With what is external validity concerned?

how well the study results can be generalized in its application to populations similar to those in the study, or to a setting similar to the study setting


What does statistical validity address?

the statistical relationship of the IVs and DVs.


What three aspects are emphasized when evaluating research by the EBP model?

1. a study's validity, 2. a study's impact, 3. a study's clinical applicability


What are some of the limitations of evidence-based practice?

EBP emphasis on RCT studies as the 'gold standard' is misleading, not all RCTs are better than alternative designs; Random assignment to small size group is likely to have unbalanced distribution of variable among group; RCT results are based on group averages, but pt may not be represented by avg