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Enlargement of the prostate gland is common in men older than 60 years of age and may be detected on a digital rectal examination.

benign prostatic hyperplasia


to the twisting of the gonad on its pedicle, which leads to compromise of the circulation and the sudden onset of severe scrotal pain

testicular torsion


Inflammation of the pelvic reproductive organs is usually the result of venereal disease (especially gonorrhea) in women of childbearing age, with the peak incidence between ages 20 and 24 years.

pelvic inflammatory disease


most common type of germ cell tumor, contains skin, hair, teeth, and fatty elements, all of which typically derive from ectodermal tissue.

dermoid cyst


of the uterus are benign smooth-muscle tumors that are very common; they are often multiple and vary greatly in size.



the most common malignancy among women between ages 44 and 50 years.

breast cancer


Fibrocystic disease of the breast is a common benign condition that occurs in approximately 20% of premenopausal women

benign breast disease


refers to a spectrum of pregnancy-related disorders ranging from benign hydatidiform mole to the more malignant and frequently metastatic choriocarcinoma.

trophoblastic disease