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Corporal punishment

Physical punishment inflicted upon the body of someone else. Historically, it was licit, and widely used against a variety of groups, including wives, slaves, employers, soldiers and servants.
Corporal punishment in children remains legal in North America though not in some European countries.



The murder of one's spouse and at least one of one's children.


family-class imigrants

according to Canadian immigration law, family-class immigrants are those who come to Canada through sponsorship by a spouse, common-law, conjugal partner, parent or other relative.



literally, this means the murder of a woman. Scholars generally use this term to refer to killing that targets someone because she is female, though those who use the term vary in the breadth of their definitions.


gender symmetry

In studies of IPV, gender symmetry refers to the concept of relative 'balance' in women-to-man and man-to-woman violence. This theory has been debunked by many.


homosexual panic

A purported state of psychotic rage brought on by receiving unwanted homosexual advances. It has been successfully used as a defence against criminal charges (including murder) in a variety of situations.


'honour' killing

Family murder, often involving multi-party collusion, or multiple perpetrators. These murders target someone, almost always a girl, who has brought shame on the family.


intimate-partner violence (IPV)

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and/or threats directed against an intimate partner, whether in a marital or non marital relationship. It may occur within heterosexual or non-heterosexual relationships.


patriarchal violence

bell hook's term for family violence based on the belief that it is acceptable for a more powerful individual to control other through various forms of coercive violence. Hooks links this idea to male domination, but notes that women can and do enact patriarchal violence, particularly against children.



penile penetration without consent


sexual assault

any form of sexual touching without consent.



a descriptor for anyone whose sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual identity differs from that of the majority culture.