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Chick lit

A literary genre that came to prominence in the 90s. Features the adventures (romantic and otherwise) of young, single working women.


first-person shooter

A video-game genre focused on shooting in which one plays 'through the eyes' or from the visual perspective of an avatar



(Massively multiplayer on-line role-playing games). Role playing video games distinguished from others by the number of players who participate and by the 'persistent world' in which the game takes place.


Persons' Case

The October 1929 legal decision (in response to a petition from five women now known as the Famous Five) that redefined 'persons' under the British North America Act to include women, thus dramatically expanding their legal rights.



"Many-voicedness". the presence of polyvocality means that multiple meanings of readings are possible.


Riot Grrrl

A cultural movement of the 90s based on punk/alternative music and consciously feminist politics.