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All action or information correspondence for the CNO and Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) signature is controlled, routed, and safeguarded by wha office?

Office of the Director, Navy Staff, Attn: Executive Secretary (2000 Navy Pentagon, Room 4E563, Washington, DC 20350).


All action or information correspondence for the CMC or Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC) signature is controlled, routed, and safeguarded by what office?

the Office of the Director, Marine Corps Staff (3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, Room 4E448, Washington, DC 20350).


All general correspondence should be responded to within how many days?



All Congressional correspondence should be responded to within hw many working days?

5 working days


If additional time is required for congressional correspondence, then...

an interim letter will be sent.


A copy of the interim response letter shall be forwarded to what office?

The SECNAV Congressional Liaison Office (CLO) for their files. All extensions must be coordinated with SECNAV CLO.


To request an extension of an OSD tasker, the action office must provide the necessary information and prepare an official extension request with what form?

SD Form 391


When you prepare all outgoing correspondence for SECNAV, CNO, or designated official signature on flag stationary, then the successive pages are.....

On plain bond paper


What is the format font for letters prepared for correspondence for CNO, secnav?

13 point times new Roman


What are some guidelines for the body of a letter for congressional letters?

(1) Limit the use of “I" and "we."

(2) Each paragraph must be indented 1⁄2 inch. Do not number the paragraphs.

(3) Limit response to one page whenever possible. Use enclosures if necessary.

(4) An acronym may be used after it is spelled out (be consistent throughout the document), except in the subject line or title.

(5) Spell out percent (instead of using the sign “%”).

(6) In replying to more than one member of Congress, you may use either:

(a) “A similar response has been sent to Senator(s) (last name) and Congressman(s) (last name).”

(b) “A similar response has been sent to each of your colleagues who also expressed an interest in this issue.”


What do you leave out of memorandums for the SecDef, DepSecDef, SECNAV, and UNSECNAV, unless otherwise directed?

The signature block


How do you obtain a signature form correspondence that needs to be signed from the SECNAV admin?

The day it is signed


What are some examples of opening lines for executive correspondence?

(1) “Thank you for your letter of (date – November 6, 2005 – only use date if response is timely) concerning...”

(2) “Thank you for your recent letter(s) concerning...”

(3) “I am responding on behalf of...”


What are some examples of closing lines for executive corresponedence?

(1) “Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.”

(2) “I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue.”

(3) “As always, if I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.” (Preferred
on Congressional responses.)


What do you use of complimentary closing for for routine and congressional correspondence?

sincerely followed by a comma


Where do you start the complimentary close for correspondence?

Centered 2 lines below the text


What procedures shall be used for the preparation of SECNAV action or info memorandums?

1. limit to one page
2. use short, concise, and clear bullet statements
3. use 13 point times new roman font
4. 1-inch margins top, Botton, right, and left
5. double space between headings
6. double space between bullets
7. number pages starting with 2
8. if classified, notate it as appropriate.


Lead offices must also prepare an action memo for the following types of correspondence:

(1) Prepare reply for Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) signature (PRS).

(2) Prepare reply for Deputy Secretary of the Defense (DEPSECDEF) signature (PRD).

(3) Answer SECDEF note (ASN).

(4) Answer DEPSECDEF note (ADN).

(5) Answer military assistant note (AMAN).

(6) An action memo signed by a principal or deputy of the lead office must be prepared for submission to the SECDEF, DEPSECDEF via SECNAV and UNSECNAV.