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What type of pronouns should you use when corresponding?

Gender neutral


What must you include in correspondence?

point of contact, return telephone number, and e-mail address when your correspondence might prompt a reply or inquiry.


Do not use window envelopes that include:

1) Isclassified.
(2) Involves national security.
(3) Is of a personal nature.
(4) Is sent to high-level officials.
(5) Is FOUO.


When writing to other NATO Forces,

the format and abbreviations in NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) Number 2066, Layout for Military Correspondence.


Confirm your conversation with a what?

a short memorandum (also referred to as “memo”) to the other person or a “Memorandum For The Record” if issues of importance or policy are agreed upon during the conversation.


When there is no time to send important correspondence “Via” the chain of command and still meet a deadline, you may:

(a) Send correspondence via the chain of command, with an advance copy to the “To” addressee. To alert all addressees to this unusual routing, repeat the action addressee by Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL) short title in a “Copy to:” line and include the term “(advance)” after the short title (chapter 7).

(b) Send correspondence directly to the “To” addressee with a concurrent copy to each intermediate addressee. Include in the text a statement like this: “A copy of this correspondence has been mailed directly to all addressees. Request “Via” addressees forward your endorsement(s) directly to....” Additionally, include the “Via” addressees by SNDL short titles in the “Copy to:” line.


A commander/commanding officer/officer in charge must personally sign documents that:

(1) Establish policy.

(2) Center on the command’s mission or efficiency and are addressed to higher

(3) Deal with certain aspects of military justice.

(4) Are required by law or regulation.


All delegations of signature authority will be what?

All delegations of signature authority will be made in writing and signed by the person delegating the authority.


In the absence of the commander/commanding officer/officer in charge, and where specifically authorized by law or regulation,

an officer who temporarily succeeds to command shall sign official correspondence with the term “Acting” typed below their name.


When the signatory has been formally, but temporarily, appointed to replace an official who signs correspondence by title rather than “By direction,”

the word “Acting” is typed below the typed name.


When correspondence is in final form and the official that would normally sign the correspondence is unable to do so,

it is permissible to have the correspondence signed “for.”


Personnel authorized to use a signature stamp of someone else’s signature shall......

pen their initials next to each signature they stamp to authenticate the stamp.


When do you sign controls to correspondence?

Assign controls to only incoming mail that requires a response or has long-term reference value.


How many days should correspondence be answered within?

Normally, correspondence should be answered within 10 working days or as prescribed by the immediate superior in command or by the tasking authority for the response.


Correspondence from Congress shall be answered within what?

Correspondence from Congress shall be answered within 5 workdays of receipt.


Answer Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and Privacy Act requests within what?

20 workdays of receipt.


If a response cannot be answered in a set amount of time, then...

send an interim response that acknowledges receipt of the correspondence and provides an estimated date when a final response will be sent.


Use command letterhead stationery only for what?

for official matters of the command.


When using letterhead stationery, the “From:” line will always contain what?

the title of the activity head and command name.


The “From:” line will never contain what?

the name of an individual.


The use of letterhead is authorized for....

commanders, commanding officers, officers in charge and directors or those who have signature authority for commands that are represented in the SNDL only.


Letterhead stationery of the DON shall bear...

a one-inch in diameter seal of the DoD.


The letterhead begins with "DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY" centered on the....

The letterhead begins with "DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY" centered on the fourth line from the top of the page. Center the activity's name, address, and nine-digit zip code on succeeding lines. Do not use abbreviations or punctuation in the address.


An enclosure marking goes in the....

lower right corner, whether the text is arranged in portrait or landscape orientation.


The standard format is only used in the....

in the text of correspondence. The format consists of a 1- or 2-digit day, the spelled out month, and the 4-digit year.

5 May 2015
17 April 2015


The abbreviated format is only used as part of the.....

The abbreviated format is only used as part of the sender’s symbol, or in the absence of the sender’s symbol, as the date for the letter. The format consists of a 1- or 2-digit day, the 3-letter abbreviation for the month, and the 2-digit abbreviated year.

15 Feb 09
25 Mar 09


How many date formats are used by the navy?



How are the days expressed in the three formats that the navy uses?

In all date formats, the day is represented as one or two digits (do not use a zero preceding the numerals 1 through 9 when the day is single digit).


The civilian format of date is used what part of the correspondence?

The civilian format is used as both the date of the correspondence and in the text. Do not use an abbreviated civilian format. The format consists of the spelled out month, the 1- or 2-digit day, a comma, and the 4-digit year.


Where does the page number lie in correspondence?

1/2 inch centered from the bottom of the page