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What are some issues with American eating habits? (3)

1. More sedentary then before
2. Less nutrition dense food intake
3. Less intakes from fruits and vegetables, milk and alternatives, and grain products


What is the biggest difference in how food is labelled for young children?

Fat is listed in the Nutrition Facts because dietary fat is needed for brain development and meeting energy needs during the rapid growth and development of infancy and early childhood.


Why is calcium important in childhood?

Adequate calcium intake during childhood is essential for achieving maximum peak bone mass, which is important in preventing osteoporosis later in life.


What does health Canada recommend for an infants first food?

It should be iron-containing.


When should fluid-milk not be introduced into a infants diet.

Before 9 months.


List some common allergens.

wheat, peanuts, eggs, milk, nuts, fish, shellfish, and soy


How can allergies be monitored early on in the life cycle?

By introducing common allergens into the child's diet one at a time.


Define food intolerances.

Food intolerances do not involve antibody production by the immune system. Rather, they are caused by foods that create problems during digestion. Food intolerances can be caused by chemical components in foods, by toxins that occur naturally in foods, by substances added to foods during processing or preparation, or simply by large amounts of foods, such as onions or prunes, that cause local gastrointestinal irritation.


Elimination diet

This involves eliminating all foods suspected of causing an allergic reaction from the diet. Once a diet that causes no symptoms has been established, it should be consumed for 2 weeks.


The food challenge

Then in the food challenge, small amounts of a food suspected of causing a reaction are reintroduced under a doctor's supervision. If no reaction to the food occurs, then increasing amounts are introduced until a normal portion is offered. If there is still no reaction, then the food can be ruled out as an allergen.


What is one way to diagnose a food allergy?

To undergo the elimination diet and the food challenge.


How can one potentially prevent a food allergy?

By breastfeeding.


Food jags.

When they will eat only certain foods and nothing else.


Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? (2)

1. Help maintain a healthy weight. Compared with breakfast eaters, breakfast skippers tend to have a lower total daily energy intake, and studies have shown that children and teens who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight
2. improve cognitive performance simply by alleviating hunger


What are some effect of children eating excess sugar? (2)

1. Dental Carries
2. Not enough nutrients in the diet


Is ADHD caused by excess sugar intake?



Why are risks for lead consumption increased in children?

Their absorption level is higher and they tend to absorb 50% of lead rather than the 10-15% that adults absorb.


Why is lead bad for you?

Once absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, lead circulates in the bloodstream and then accumulates in the bones and, to a lesser extent, the brain, teeth, and kidneys. Lead disrupts the activity of neurotransmitters and thus interferes with the functioning of the nervous system


What are some diseases caused by ingesting too much lead?

Iron-deficiency anemia, altered kidney function, nervous system changes, and even seizures, coma, and death.