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If you’re working in a SmartTool-enabled text box, what is one way to look up a list of SmartPhrases?

One possible answer: Click the List My Phrases button.


How do you open the SmartPhrase Editor on the fly?

Click the Create SmartPhrase (green plus icon) button on the SmartTool-enabled toolbar.


Dr. Coal attempts to create a user SmartPhrase called NONCOMPLYRX. He gets a warning upon accepting that says there is a system SmartPhrase by that name. What will happen if he proceeds with naming his SmartPhrase NONCOMPLYRX?

He won’t see the system SmartPhrase anymore when working in a SmartTool-enabled text box because his user phrase will take precedence.


There are two nurses assigned to a user SmartPhrase record: Terry Denver and Terry Memphis. Terry Denver is the owner. Who can edit this SmartPhrase record? Who can add nurse Belleville as another user? Why?

Nurse Denver can edit it. Nurse Denver can add nurse Belleville as a user. Because the creator of the record is automatically an owner, Nurse Denver is an owner. Owners can do these two tasks.


True or False: When you create a SmartBlock macro for physical exam, you must use it for all physical exam documentation.



True or False: If you add a medication to your preference list, and that same medication is on your system preference list, you will have both choices available going forward.



Name two sections in which you can set up speed buttons.

Two possible answers: Visit Info section and LOS section


What element of your report toolbar buttons can you NOT control?

You can’t control the presence and name of the default report button.


In the Meds & Orders section, I clicked Options and now I see tons of check boxes. How do I make those go away?

Click Options again.


In the Meds & Orders section, I just selected check boxes for certain columns, but I don’t see a change in my display. Why not?

You need to click Accept for the new column setup to take effect.


While working in Richard’s chart, Dr. Mica created a Chart Review Quick Filter called “Cardiology Visits.” When Dr. Iron goes to Chart Review for the same patient, why doesn’t that Quick Filter appear?

This is user-specific, not patient-specific setup.


What is the purpose of QuickActions?

They allow you to quickly perform common tasks from In Basket.