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is furnishing documents part of a construction contract

no because of the way it's procured and laws under which merchandise is bought and sold


what other items besides strictly furniture might be on a furniture plan

equipment like copy machines, printers or microwaves and built in furniture


what institute has standards for commercial office furniture

BIFMA (Business and institutional furniture manufacturers associate) that are approved by ANSI


what types of things does the BIFMA regulate

safety, durability, structural adequacy, VOC's emmitted


Does the furniture specification need to follow the master format specification format

no because you need different info than the master format accounts for. But you can put it in the master format in Div 12


when would you not write up a furniture specification for a project

when you are the one ordering and purchasing the furniture- the info is on the PO so you dont need it anywhere else- this is most common for residential work


when would you write a furniture specification

for projects where the client is doing the purchasing- mostly for commercial projects. Make sure to include general conditions for when the furniture is going out to bid


who is a designer's primary source for info about a certain piece of furniture

the sales rep


what's the difference between a factory rep and an independent rep

factory (manufaturer's rep)- work directly for one company- cover large areas

independent- work for themselves or a small sales group- often rep several products.


what's the difference between a Dealership and a Showroom

A dealership is a place where one manufacturer's items are carried. not typically open to the public

showroom- purpose is to display samples. Sometimes only carry one manufacturer but can carry multiple of the same sort of item


name the three ways that furniture can be purchased (more about who is responsible for purchasing)

1. Furniture dealer takes on responsibility for everything, even billing the client

2. the designer does the purchasing for the client and deals with PO's and arranging delivery etc

3. the designer is a reseller of goods- collects the money from the client and pays the dealer


why shouldn't you order furniture over the phone

huge potential for mistakes and misunderstandings


what should be on a PO that currently is not on BYU's or that we don't use really

a place for an authorization signature by the design firm owner or some authorized person and the date


what should you make sure you get from the manufacture/store once you've sent them your PO

an acknowledgment or confirmation to confirm they received your PO- this also states their interpretation of the PO and lists out the items and shipping dates etc. The designer needs to check this against the PO to make sure it's correct