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Stretcher, made of steel wire mesh and tubular steel rim or plastic and steel rim, used to transport patients from one level to another or over rough terrain

Basket stretcher


Portable folding chair with wheels used to transport patient in a sitting position up or downstairs

Stair chair


Structure that splits into half, which can be pushed together under the patient

Scoop stretcher or orthopedic stretcher


Method of transferring a patient from bed to stretcher in which two or more rescuers curl the patient to their chests and reverse the process to Lober the patients to the stretcher

Direct Carry


Patients move that may be made if speed is not a priority

Nonurgent move


Method of lifting and carrying a patient in which one rescuer it slips hands under the patients armpits and grasps the wrists, while another rescue work grasps the patients knees

Extremity lift


A lift from a squatting position with wait to be lifted close to the body; feet apart on the ground, Body weight on or just behind balls of feet, back locked in; the upper body is raised before the hips

Power lift


Proper use of the body to facilitate lifting and moving to prevent injury

Body mechanics


Gripping with as much hand surface as possible in contact with the object being lifted

Power grip


Patients move that should be done quickly yet without any compromise of spinal integrity

Urgent move


Method of transferring patients from bed to stretcher by grasping and pulling the loosened bottom sheet of the bed

Draw sheet method


Line that runs down the center of the body from the top of the head and along the spine

Long axis


Method of lifting and carrying a patient from ground level to a stretcher during which two or more rescuers Neil, curled the patients to their chests, stand, then reverse the process to lower the patients to the stretcher

Direct ground lift


Removal of a patient from a hazardous environment in which safety is the first priority and spinal integrity is the second priority

Emergency move


Procedure done by three or four rescuers that is designed to move the patient onto a long backboard without compromising spinal integrity



List five patient carrying devices

1) Power stretcher
2) Portable stretcher
3) Scoop stretcher
4) Flexible stretcher
5) Stair chair


List for principles that will help you lift efficiently and prevent injury

1) position feet properly
2) Use legs
3) Don't turn or twist
4) Keep weight close to the body


What's the difference between a manual stretcher and the power stretcher

A power stretcher can be loaded by one person