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Which of Freud's hypothesized personality parts controls a person's set of moral behaviors?

The superego


Why might a teenage girl suddenly start listening to a new type of music?

She is experiencing anticipatory socialization.


"Male" and "female" are such powerful _______ that learning them forces us to interpret the world in terms of gender.



The correct sequence of Mead's three stages of how we learn to take on the role of others is __________.

imitation, play, team games.


When Joe enters the Army, he is assigned a number, given a uniform, and told to shave off all facial hair. If you consider the Army a total institution, what process is Joe experiencing?



Marcus works as an air conditioner technician. This places him solidly in the upper middle class. However, he has a loo of freedom in his job, because he is on the road alone m,ost of the workday. What character trait will Marcus likely appreciate in his children?



In the early middle years, a person would be most likely to _______ for the first time.

get divorced


How has being elderly in the U.S changed recently?

People who are in good health today are coming to experience their 60s not as old age, but as an extension of their middle years.


In the 1930s, children reared in orphanages tended to have ______.

low IQs


Which of the following is an effect the increasing aging population will have on society?

The younger generations will be forced to interact more with the elderly.


How do Piaget's and Freud's view on human development differ?

Freud believed that people were passive in their own development, while Piaget thought that they were active in their growth.


Which of the following is an example of a first step of resocialization in a total institution such as prison?

Experiencing the removal of your existing identity.


Studying the twins, Jack and Oskar, teaching sociologists that ________.

Social experiences override biology.


Gender ___________ are the methods society uses to tell us how males and females are expected to act.



For what reasons do sociologists study twins who were separated at birth?

They are biologically similar but have different upbringings.


The example of the 13-year-old girl named Genie who was locked in a small room since she was 20 months of age shows that _______.

Early interactions are necessary for normal development.


What did Skeels and Dye learn about institutionalised children?

Institutionalized children had low IQs, because of the absence of human interactions.


A sociologist administer an intelligence test to a seven-year-old child. The child has been locked away in isolation for his entire life with virtually no human contact and was only recently rescued. The child will most likely score _____.

practically zero on the test.


Which of the following most prevents a feral child or an isolated child from being socialized?

lack of language


Harry and Margaret Harlows' experiments involving the isolation of baby monkeys important because they _______.

confirmed that infant-mother bonding is the result of intimate physical contact.


In this case of Jack and Oskar, identical twins separated at birth, which of the following illustrates the effects of heredity on personality?

Both liked sweet liqueur and spicy foods.


Which of the following is one way in which modern sociologists have refined Piaget's theory of development?

They posit that some people do not progress through all stages.


Which scenario shows a person in Mead's imitation stage?

Marua, age 2, dances with her big brother


Saul, a 5th grader, is in an anger management group. He is role-playing with his group in order to understand how his classmates feel when he screams at them. Which sociologist's theories support this type of instruction?

George Herbert Mead


Which of the following best describes the role that socialization plays in early childhood?

It leads to action considered human


Which individual is most likely experiencing Piaget's preoperational stage of cognitive development?

Jorge, age six


According to Mead, as people ______, they learn to take the roles of others.



How is Piaget's sensorimotor stage similar to Freud's concept of the id?

Both are focused on sensory input.


According to Freud, which forces are constantly in conflict

Id and superego


when testing Kohlberg's theory, researchers found that most societies do not have the _____ stage of universal meaning.



When a child at school jumps ahead in the lunch line, a cafeteria worker scolds her and makes her apologize to others in the line before sending her to the principal's office. The next day, the child considers cutting in line again but does not. In Freud's view this episode has contributed to the child's development of ________.

the superego


Which of the following can be attributed more to biology than to socialization?

Facial expression that express certain emotions, such as fear and happiness.


The vignette about Joan and Tafadzwa demonstrates that _____ is determined by ______.

emotion; culture


A child who steals a snack is letting his behavior determined by the _______.



What is the first significant factor in gender socialization ?



What do the sworn virgins of Albania help to explain about sex and gender?

Society must create a relationship between sex and gender roles


Although the gender messages in anime have yet to be fully explored by sociologist, the characterization of _______ young girls _______ young boys raises some issues about what children are learning from this Japanese cartoon form.

big-eyed; fighting


Ms. Joens and Mr. Frederick both go to Dr. Grant with complaints of headaches and joint pain. Dr. Grant suggests that Ms. Joens should go home and rest but sends Mr. Frederick for further testing until it is discovered that Mr. Frederick has Lyme disease. This scenario is an example of ______ based on gender.

Social inequality


Goldberg and Lewis discovered that the actions of mothers caused ________.

sons to feel independent


In Albania and parts of Bosnia and Serbia, it is custom for some women to become men in order to ______.

Support the family


Peer groups among grade school children both boys and girls- tend to value ______.



Cynthia wants to become an actress some day. She joins the theater club at her high school where, to fit in, she dyes her hair blacked, begins wearing eyeliner, and starts dressing like others in the club. FCynthia is undergoing?

Anticipatory socialization


Religion, school, and peer groups are examples of ______.

Socialization agents.


Parents who experience more _____ at work are more likely to rely on _______ to socialize their children.

Autonomy; reasoning


Which of the following agents of socialization provides a foundation for moral values, serves as an avenue for social mobility, and helps immigrants integrate into society?



Which common saying advocates anticipatory socialization?

"dress for the job you want, not the job you have."


Children of immigrants typically feel _______ about assimilating



Which of the following is a goal total institution?

Forced resocialization.


Upon being admitted to prison, new inmates must trade in their clothing and personal effects for orange jump suits-0 the same worn by all other inmates at the facility. This requirement is an example of a(n) _________.

degradation ceremony.


Which statements about the transition to adulthood is correct?

Fewer men completed the transition to adulthood by the age of 30 in 2000 than in 1960.


Which of the following is a reason school children were made to witness execution three hundred years ago?

To scare children into good behavior.


in many tribal societies, the passages into adulthood is marked by _______.

initation rites


Why is it difficult to determine the exact onset of adulthood?

The social experiences that constitute childhood vary across cultures.


Sociologist do not consider people slaves to socialization, rather they argue that _______.

Individuals are actively involved in the construction of the self.


Socialization is to ______ as language is to social interaction